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Which hotel at Euro Disney?

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paperlantern Mon 17-Jun-13 22:40:43

would give some serious thought to the mobility issue. If it's serious enough to qualify for the special mobility bus otherwise the shuttle busses can be quite manic in busy periods.

DS has some mobility issues and uses a SN buggy. Personally I try an stay somewhere an easy walk from the park as it makes a massive diffenrence to me to just be able to roll back to the hotel at the end of the day. Have stayed My explorers, Newport bay x2 and Sequioax2, heading back to sequoia next time. My explorers is the nicest (an cheapest) hotel hotel, lovely food. But for me I hated managing a childs buggy on the shuttle and as DS issues became more apparent the premium for being nearer has been well worth it.

Order of closest and within (flat) walking distance Disneyland, New York (5mins) Sequioa (5+) Newport bay (10). Cheyenne is also meant to be walking distance (10-15), mid range price and quite good reports back but haven't tried it.

My favourite is the Sequioa, like the Disney factor and it's cosy.

5Foot5 Mon 17-Jun-13 21:37:44

We stayed at the Disneyland hotel too - the "pink palace"! It was actually very good and the proximity we found a great advantage. We were able to get a head start on everyone when the gates opened Also our DD was only 5 so it was nice that when she started to flag a bit in the afternoon we could easily go back to the hotel for a rest and a swim and then sally forth again in the early evening.

Oh and the character breakfast was lovely.

Guitargirl Mon 17-Jun-13 18:58:42

We stayed at the Disneyland hotel. Some of the other hotels looked a bit more suited to kids, especially the pools. But the proximity to the parks was the most important for us. The fireworks are on very late, everyone makes a mass exodus afterwards and it was great to be able to just fall into bed afterwards. And character meet and greets at breakfast.

harrap Wed 12-Jun-13 21:42:04

Ah thanks all, not totally set on a resort hotel but we are looking to make the whole thing as easy as possible so being on site and getting the early pass thingy seemed attractive. Also I have a little bit of a mobility problem so being able to go back to the hotel if I need to rest would be quite important.

I looked at the Explorers, looked nice, noticed the tight trunks only policy-not sure the general public are ready to see DP in pair of speedos-not sure I am come to that!

Totally take the point about going for the least expensive hotel-aagh too much choice!

FannyFifer Wed 12-Jun-13 21:15:54

For all the time you will be in the hotel go for the cheapest.
We've stayed In Cheyenne, was totally fine, like staying in a Wild West town, DS loved it.

You will only be going to room to sleep. grin

ruddynorah Wed 12-Jun-13 21:11:13

Sequoia. Upgrade to the club rooms and you get breakfast in the forest lounge with characters.

PoppyWearer Wed 12-Jun-13 21:10:15

We did the Disneyland Hotel and the room was good. The best thing about it though was absolute convenience for the park and the 8am access which meant we could ride before the park opened. That alone was worth every single penny and made our trip. And the VIP passes (one each per day).

BeGoodElliot Wed 12-Jun-13 21:08:08

Are you set on a disney hotel? I have stayed at 2 of the hotels just outside with a regular shuttle bus, the dream castle and explorers. I thought the explorers was fab for kids, pool, play area, pirate ship and disney shop too! smile

Makingchanges Wed 12-Jun-13 21:07:47

We stayed twice. Once at New York and once at Newport Bay. Really liked Hotel New York rooms big, very close to park, but off to side so not noisy. Had skating rink outside so could watch skating at night but was a little noisy until 10am but to be fair even with a 6 year old, we weren't settling down til then by the time we had come out of park and eaten. Nice food too and found it much easier to get autographs and photos of characters here. Much, much better than Newport Bay (and closer).

cathers Wed 12-Jun-13 20:57:06

We have been a few times and stayed at the New York, Sequoia Lodge and the Cheyenne. Our fave is Sequoia Lodge, it's cheaper than the the New York, not much further to walk, feels calmer and more family friendly and was quieter being tucked into the forest.
We may have just been unlucky with room allocation in the New York as we had a room overlooking the lake which was noisy with all the foot traffic to and from the park till early hours. New York was clean and good food though.

harrap Wed 12-Jun-13 20:25:33

Thanks, willdo the new York one was my first choice. I think I might go back to it.

Willdoitinaminute Wed 12-Jun-13 20:20:05

We stayed in the New York a about 5 years ago. It is very close to park,closer than it appears on maps and next to all the food outlets. The rooms were great and facilities very clean. Swimming pool had no shallow area so tricky with DS who wasn't swimming at the time. French staff were typically French and a bit snooty but then I probably would be since wherever you are the children are in a constant state of near hysterics. Very noisy in the public areas.
We had room service one evening because the children were just exhausted and we didn't fancy a restaurant meal with them. We were very impressed even though it was just sandwiches and fruit. Also had breakfast in bed due to early check out. Again excellent value for money.

harrap Wed 12-Jun-13 20:08:17

I've been looking at Trip Adviser and the reviews for all the resort hotels range from very good to terrible, there isn't one that stands out as better than the others.

I don't know which way to go.

We have one boy aged 6.5 and will stay 2 or 3 nights in August.

Don't mind paying for the most expensive hotel which has some great reviews but also several tales of dirty rooms including one involving a pair of pants left by the previous occupants! I don't really want to pay top dollar for that particular Disney experience.

Would love to hear from anyone with recent experience.

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