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Menorca with kids

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mum22babes Mon 29-May-06 08:57:09

Hi, we are planning a trip to Menorca next summer, and was wondering if anyone who has been could give me some advice on the best resorts to stay in.

We have shortlisted two resorts, one is Son Bou and the other is Arenal D'en Castella.

Would be interested in what you think. Our kids will be 3 and a half and 22 months.
thanks Cath

MarsLady Mon 29-May-06 09:37:40

We went to Son Bou (came home pregnant with DTs lol).

It's truly gorgeous. Lovely lovely beach!

We went a couple of times. Loved it!

Does that help?

Are you staying in a villa? Self-catering apartment?

We stayed in a gorgeous apartment. Lots of entertainment around that was easy to get to. There was a swimming pool for all the apartments and it had a life guard. San Bou Apartments iirc


Socci Mon 29-May-06 09:53:27

Message withdrawn

mum22babes Mon 29-May-06 11:20:54

thanks for the advice.... we are looking at a hotel called Hotel Sol Milano / Piguina, it is Flintstone themed!

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