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Most useful thing you took on holiday with a toddler and/or a newborn?

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sunnysunnyshine Tue 11-Jun-13 11:36:28

I'm going away for 2 wks (sunny hol) with an almost 3 to and a 2 month old.

I'm panicking a bit about what to take now. Has anybody got any tips please??

mumofthemonsters808 Thu 20-Jun-13 22:45:54

Mosquito net to go over the pram, particularly useful in the evenings.

Shelly32 Fri 21-Jun-13 19:36:23

Their fave nighttime teddy, wipes, nti bac gel and a portable DVD player for the plane. Did a 10 hr flight with 2x 1.5 yr olds. It was a life saver as they didn't have theitr own seats/tv screen.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 21-Jun-13 19:59:37

Disposable changing mat for DD to sit on on the plane seat. When she threw up one hour into a nine hour flight it was great to know it had all been caught and she had a clean seat to sit in for the rest of the journey. Also the seat didn't smell for the rest of the flight.

MeAndMySpoon Thu 18-Jul-13 18:18:23

A bag full of attractive snacks and small, cheap activities for the toddler on the plane. I cannot contemplate a mere 2.5 hour trip to Portugal with my wiggly 2.5 yr old without a bag full of fruit yoyos, mini cheddars, juice, pretzels, breadsticks chocolate and apples.

Do you like using slings? You can buy or borrow/rent a lightweight wrap sling (Calin Bleu etc) that might be a shade cooler than a carrier like an ergo. That said, I'm about to take my toddler Connecta somewhere hot and I'm choosing to forget how sweaty it can get!

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