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I *think* I can have a free holiday.......maybe?

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Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:03:04

I have £147 in tescos clubcard vouchers

This is £588 pounds in deals (I think)

which means I can afford to on one weeks Haven holiday in August at Perran Sands in a tent for £501 or Rivieria Sands in a caravan for £671 (costing me £83)

so where is the catch - it can't be that easy......can it?

AllieBongo Sun 28-May-06 16:04:54

it is easy. we went to lego land, tickets ordered online, hit the doormat 3 days later

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:05:57

Sounds about right to me.


Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:06:57

Seems too good to be true - I've done the Legoland thing - but this is so much more

And "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" as they say

If Tescos would let me have the vouchers I have saved up - I could pay for the whole thing

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:07:21

Just make sure you allow enough time. You have to order and receive your Deal vouchers before you book the holiday and holiday has to be booked 14 days (min) in advance.

So get ordering those deal vouchers!

Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:08:13

We're going in August so I have a while

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:09:40

Note this from Haven site too:

Tesco vouchers can not be used against holidays booked online. Tokens can only be used on new bookings made through our call centre on 0870 242 5678. Tokens can only be used against brochure prices and include one brochure discount excluding Half Price Offers. All offers are subject to availability and can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:10:57

I've ordered a brochure

I'm so excited

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:17:15

I've only just started saving towards deals. I used Tesco so infrequently before that it was easier to use them on site as cash.

Now I am frantically finding codes for extra points and have saved up £30 of points, so £120 in deals, in just over a month.

Enjoy the holiday

Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:21:47

Is it worth £83 to be in a caravan/

we would have a telly
and a loo & shower
and heating if it's cold

Hmmm it seems to be worth it

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:26:54

We stay on a Haven site every year (have access to a freebie).

They are really nice. Ours is a two bedroom (1 double, 1 twin). Bathroom with bath & shower. Kitchen/diner. Decent lounge. CH + gas fire in lounge. Loads to do on site.

Don't know those sites but Haven generally are pretty good.

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:27:53

Have you seen the virtual tours of the inside of a van? Don't think caravan, we are talking 30 - 40 ft units here.

lexiemum Sun 28-May-06 16:31:43

don't forget the hidden charges though - entertainment passes and electric.

there's still another dose of vouchers before august so you can get the days out vouchers too and you'll have all your days out sorted too!

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-May-06 16:31:45

we go to Haven every year (cheap and cheerful) we normally stay in a silver caravan and they are good. Last year we stayed in a gold caravan and it was worth the extra, central heating, double glazed windows and fitted kitchen and cupboards. we love Haven, the kids enjoy it and there is always lots to do.

Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:33:19

What are the "entertainment passes and electric"??

That sounds worrying

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-May-06 16:35:16

Normally you only have to pay those extra on special deals. I don;t normally pay for entertainment passes or electric (have had to when using The Sun deals)

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:40:00

I've never had to pay for those (DH's employers own the van & we get free passes) but the Haven Site says:

Your total holiday cost
The price grids on the individual Park pages shows the holiday cost for the holiday dates and accommodation you choose. This includes the FunWorks entertainment passes element. Add to this all supplements for cots, Character Caravans, pets and hire goods deposits etc., not forgetting our Cancellation Plan, Personal Insurance or Car Breakdown cover, to arrive at the total holiday cost.

So hopefully that means they are included for you Katy. You are paying for a full hoilday not a special deal.

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:42:12

In fact, check this out . Should cover most things for you.

popsycal Sun 28-May-06 16:46:11

sounds fab
we used to love haven as kids

I have just started saving the vouchers for deals....saintgeorge - can you point me in the direction f codes for extra points if you cant post online

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:50:43

\link{} for codes.

Look out especially for the 1000 extra points ones.

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:51:08



Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:52:51

So if my mum convert her voucher for deals can I use them?

SaintGeorge Sun 28-May-06 16:53:50

That bit I'm not sure about. Wondering the same myself as my mum has also offered me a donation

Katymac Sun 28-May-06 16:59:07

If both people are booked to go then you can use vouchers in two names (& I rang and asked)

So if I take my Mum....hmmm maybe not

QE Sun 28-May-06 17:03:13

StG - how does the blog site work to get yourself extra points? I am a thicko when it comes to stuff like this - can you nick the codes and use them for yourself to get extra points on your clubcard statement?


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