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Recommendation for holiday at end of June with 9 month old?

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Tigerlion Wed 24-May-06 22:55:43

We are desperate to find somewhere to go on holiday with a 9-month old at the end of June. We do not want too long a flight or transfer from airport to hotel/ resort. Ideally looking for an all inclusive with baby club. Thinking about going to Club Med but would like to hear of any other suggestions.

julie4travel Thu 25-May-06 14:12:22

Were you thinking of short haul or long haul? If long haul the Beaches chain in the Caribbean is superb for families. They have sesame street charactors (thats their theme) loads of creches, childrens clubs etc. The highest price property is the Turks and Caicos ones yet the Jamaican ones can be quite reasonable. They also offer a service where you can use the facilities at any other Beaches resort so in Jamaica for expmple you stay at one property maybe have an evening meal at another or use facilities in another coming back at night. If you don't mind paying the price definitely worth it!

Club med is extremely popular with families again you pay the price?

Or what about teh Club Mac complex (Saturno etc) in Alcudia Majorca. They have an en site creche you can use and you can pre book sessions etc. Its quite good in price. the downpoint is the transfer once you arrive yet you could if you prefer collect a car at the airport and have that for the duration instead and it normally works out the same cost as what airport transfers would be. then at least you can explore the island aswell if you wish to go out and about. Its a real family geared property.

Good Luck if you need any more help just ask

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