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travelling with a 5 month old

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teambluemummy Sun 26-May-13 08:02:59

any tips for travelling with a 5 month old?? were off to portugal in july and advice would be appreciated!

best holiday tips .....

thanks xxxxx

cantreachmytoes Sun 26-May-13 08:25:29

Enjoy! It gets harder to travel the more mobile they get!

If you use formula, bring it with you as the brands can be different.

If you use dummies, bring extra.

Make two bottles for the plane (unless 100% breast feeding obviously!). One for takeoff and one for landing so baby is sucking and swallowing to equalise. If the plane is delayed on the runway, you'll maybe need to use both, but can ask flight attendants for water to refill with for descent.

Basically, you know your baby. Think of what can go wrong (delayed flights as an example, delayed luggage etc) and try to have plans for that. Then if you as in a more stressful situation you won't be overly stressed.

Don't forget baby sun protection!

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