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Help with holiday

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Phoebe47 Fri 24-May-13 16:18:18

Haven't been on holiday for 5 years as have my DH's very elderly great aunt living near us and we visit her every day. This year we have asked DH's cousin if she would be prepared to visit her for a week so we can have a break. With some reluctance this has been agreed. Only problem is where to go. Dh does not like flying but prepared to go on a short flight if absolutely necessary. He is happy to take the car as does not mind driving abroad. We want to go soon to avoid the very hottest weather (for health reasons, won't go into details. Boring!). Any suggestions for destinations? Do not want to be on a beach all day but DH does like the option of being by the sea but with other things to do.

Secondme Fri 24-May-13 17:01:41

Do you want to go abroad? If not, then there are loads of nice places to go in the UK, Tenby is always good. Isle of Wight.

Merlotmonster Sun 26-May-13 20:17:50

i recommend Nice - short flight...great beaches...lots to see and do..fantastic around 25 -28 in the summer...sept probably the best time of year to go....
around a 10 hour drive from calais, but you could stop mid france en route- some lovely places near Dijon...

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