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Travelling to Majorca next Sunday! Last minute advice /tips.

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emz0909 Fri 24-May-13 10:05:20

We're travelling with our 1 year old to sa coma in Majorca. He is dairy intolerant so taking tubs of formula, Ella's kitchen meals, fruit pots, and pombears. Hopefully can find some bits over there suitable.

Anyone got any last minute tips about what I should take during the week.. Not just food wise.
I'm aiming not to pack to much for him. In taking a supply of nappies but not bothered if I have to buy over there.
What did people do for Mosquitos?

Also anyone no what water is suitable. I've heard evian is ok but do you still boil it or is it ok to just use.

Advice welcome so please share!!

countydurhamlass Fri 24-May-13 16:12:12

apart from food

nappies (they tend to be expensive), nappy bags (never seen any there) wet wipes (so you can wipe his hands etc during the day)

plenty of sun cream, sun hats and also take his cup/bottle that you can fill with water to carry around during the day, we bought robinsons juice when we were there and added it to the water also some days

all the bottled water is ok and you dont have to boil it first, i use it to brush my teeth with also. paracetamol (both for you and your 1 year old) its hard to get (dh was prescribed some when he got ill in majorca and he reacted badly to it), also take something for upset tummys for both again, (you never know),

you can buy modquito wipes, bite creams and sprays at boots etc before you go and on an early evening into night make sure your arms and legs are covered and where light clothes if possible. never have room/apartment windows and doors open in the early evening and you can buy citrus type candles to keep to use on the balcony because mozzi's dont like the smell. avoid wearing perfume if you can as this attracts them.

i have never been bit my a mozzi when i have been to majorca (have been lots)

wigglesrock Sun 26-May-13 10:46:20

Oh we've been there smile. Had a great time. I bought nappies there but brought swim nappies with me - they're much more expensive there. Pick up some cheap buckets and spades, watering cans, bath toys from the pound shop and bring them with you. Dd2 was 18 months when we went, all she did was water the baby pool with her watering can smile

wigglesrock Sun 26-May-13 10:49:16

Sorry I just used the local bottled water smile Name of it won't come to me, but there was a little picture of a baby on the side of it.

forevergreek Sun 26-May-13 10:58:24

Btw there is loads of dairy free food in Spain. At 14 months our youngest ate paella every day there, watermelon and olives. No dairy

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