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Greece with an 8 month old - tips!

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nervousmum Tue 23-May-06 20:56:52

Not sure if this will be any use to anyone, but here goes...
Just come back from Zante in Greece with my 8 month old son and thought i'd post some general info and tips.

* pre-check in the night before (at Gatwick) was v useful, it meant we could avoid the queues (although passport control and hand luggage scanning the morning of the flight was a nightmare - prepare for long queues there!)
* Thomas Cook no longer board parents with babies and toddlers first, so expect a scary free-for-all!
* We took a small bottle with water for our LO to suck during take-off and landing, and it saved him suffering with pressure in his ears as sucking equalises it
* You can get Pampers nappies once there (and they selltheir own greek brands), but avoid the local chemists, as they rip you off! We went to Zante Town and got them reasonably cheaply in the Spar on the main road.
* You can get formula milk out there. They only have their own greek brands, but they do sell Aptamil (just with greek written instructions!)
* Baby wipes are available in every supermarket, including Johnson and Johnson and Pampers, for roughly the same money as they are in the UK.
* Use boiled bottled water for making up formula (we were advised by our GP to use Evian as is it the closest to UK tap water with regards to mineral content etc). We tried making it up with cold water, but the powder wouldn't mix properly!
* All restaurants that we came across do have high chairs, and they are more than happy to puree something from the childrens menu for your little ones
* make sure you have plenty of drinks, sun hat, sun cream etc for the airport coming home, as it is so small you have to queue outside in the sun, for up to 2 hours!

You never know, someone might find my pearls of wisdom useful! Happy holidays! Nervousmum x

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