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Venice in Oct 213 with 2yr old - any tips?

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SecrectFarleysNibbler Mon 20-May-13 22:07:28

I am going to Venice with friends in October for 3 nights and our first day will be DD 2nd birthday! Going BA and they have given us a free seat ticket for her coming back but she will be on my lap as an infant going out, (1yr and 364 days old!). Any tips for having her sat on my lap???

Also wondered if anyone has any 'must do' activities or places to go and see ect for me an my gal once we get there? I have been before some years ago and have a general idea of layout and moving about but I was a carefree singleton then!!

Fairypants Tue 21-May-13 20:24:14

You may remember, but it really isn't very buggy friendly as lots of the bridges have steps so you may do a lot of bumping so if you have a buggy that's better for steps, go for that one. You will almost certainly want a buggy as it is a place where you walk all day and it wouldn't be fun to try to drag a 2yo around.
When my dd's were little, I always got them a couple of new toys for plane emergencies to keep them occupied and numerous small packets of snacks. It worked best if I could present her with one surprise without her seeing the rest so I could just distract her each time. The same is probably true for Venice as she is unlikely to be as interested as you.
Italians are generally child friendly- she'll be more welcome in restaurants than in the uk but Venice doesn't have a lot of parks etc for them.
Oh, and beware of feeding the birds in st marks square - it may be the highlight of her trip but many people feed the birds from their hand or even hair and the birds have come to expect it so might flap all over her which could freak her out or be a dream come true.
Off st marks square, on the side away from the grand canal is an amazing cafe where they serve you drinks of melted chocolate in different 'flavours' such as chopped nuts! It's amazing and well worth a stop.
I'm sure you have a fab trip. smile

forevergreek Sun 26-May-13 11:24:14

We went last sept with then 2 and 1 year olds. Didn't take a buggy and was glad as everyone seemed to struggle. Also last oct it flooded everywhere so you wouldn't have been able to use.

We used a beco Gemini sling for both. It fits on back and is suitable for baby and toddlers. (3.5 year old here still fits) meant we could use around airport and in Venice itself and much easier wetting on and off boats and over stepped bridges. Def recommend buying a toddler sling. Our walked a fair bit but obv get tired.

We went back to hotel late afternoons for long nap so they were ready to stay up in eve ( although both also slept in slings)

At the airport you can buy a travel pass for 3 days which speeds up boat travel.

Small sticker books on plane.

Oh and coat/ warm things as its usually cold and wet in Venice in october and there is a strong breeze when on boats between islands.

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