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Booking all-inclusive online

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clam Sun 19-May-13 23:48:25

None of the options available quite fit our bill. We are a family of four, with boy/girl teens of 17 and 15. Looking at, say, First Choice, in Mexico and they say they have junior suites but no option to select them. Also, not even sure if a junior suite would be OK for all of us or if we'd be better off with 2 adjoining rooms. And how do we ensure they are adjoining?

If I find a number and call to speak to a real human being, would I then lose any online discounts? Or might I be able to haggle a more reasonable price (shockingly high at the moment)? And what's the climate like for holiday companies at the moment? Are they struggling and therefore desperate to sell holidays, or inundated with bookings and therefore hiking their prices.

Or shall we just stay home?

Hersetta Mon 20-May-13 09:05:15

The room choice you want is proably fully booked which is why it's not coming up as a selectable choice online. If you phone (or go into a FC shop) they will usually match price).

I ready last week that the biggest your operator (Thompson which owns FC had most more holidays than anticipated for this summer already so there will be less last minute holidays available.

Does the holiday you want even have ajoining rooms - if FC have them they usually list them as an option choice.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 20-May-13 09:24:00

Some hotels only let holidaymakers book suites of this type through the hotel directly (this may well be the case here) so you would need to speak to a senior staff member in the hotel.

Is the hotel website clear to follow?.

Does the hotel website show floor plans?.

You could try and negotiate a price, always worth doing but get all confirmations in written form.

clam Mon 20-May-13 09:53:28

I managed to get a few hundred quid off an online deal a few years back, by dealing with an agent (friend of a friend). But now dh is quibbling about Mexico's climate... angry so may have to delay.

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