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Haven Parks Blackpool

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spokeswoman Sun 19-May-13 15:16:22

Has anyone stayed at either Cala Gran or Mayton Mere which are Haven caravan parks in Blackpool ?

Just after some feedback please ??

andrea315 Sun 19-May-13 16:33:37

Stayed at mere in our own tourer its a nice well kept site been a few times.

MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Fri 14-Jun-13 14:26:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

queenebay Fri 14-Jun-13 14:27:58

Cala gran is awful

backinaminute Fri 14-Jun-13 14:35:07

It was about 5 years ago but I can als second that Cala Gran is awful. It was literally comical, it was that bad.

It's miles from Blackpool and Fleetwood was pretty grim. We went for a walk with the idea of going to a drink somewhere (pre children) and it was hopeless. Perhaps we missed the nicer parts and didn't use the onsite facilities as didn't have children. Maybe it's better now........

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