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Tops tips for flying with a 9 month old please?

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EPRS Sun 19-May-13 09:28:07


We are flying to Mallorca in June with our 9 month old. I'd really appreciate any top tips for flying and how to deal with taking formula through security.

We use the Hipps organic milk, is it best to take powder in a dispenser and get boiled water onboard or take the 500ml pre-made bottles, which I'm guessing we will have to open and taste in front or airport security, so will need to take cool bag and ice blocks so milk keeps for the 3 hours until it is needed?

Any advice and thoughts will be gratefully received.


mikkii Sun 19-May-13 13:31:45

Whenever I travelled with a FF baby (DC3 is now 2.7 so we're past that stage) I took boiled water in the bottle and measured powder formula in an avent dispenser pot. I would ask on board for the water to be topped up with X amount, knowing how much mine needed for the temp they liked (5oz room temp, 2oz boiling). If you are unhappy tasting a bit of the water then using it for the baby, apparently Evian is low sodium and can be used for babies, buy a bottle after security. Personally, at 9 months mine were all crawling and I figured a few germs from my mouth were not as bad as my carpets!

I also took food pouches with me and was asked to open a couple of them (from about 10) and try the contents, baby then got those ones for lunch.

I haven't been to Mallorca, but in mainland Spain the baby food selection is not as extensive as here, but my kids always found something, even he fussy one who hated jars.

If self catering eggs are a good quick meal, watch out for salt in prepared foods. In restaurants people may offer to make the baby something, I found this especially in small villages.

blacktreaclecat Mon 20-May-13 10:28:31

Where are you flying from?
I rang SuperDrug in the airport (Leeds/ Bradford) and they have a load of cartons put on one side for me.
I pack a newborn starter kit with 90ml "shots" of milk and use those on return- under 100ml so no need to open, just put in clear plastic bags smile

EPRS Mon 20-May-13 20:36:36

We're flying from Gatwick, so could call Boots ahead of time. Thanks both for your advice, very helpful.

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