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Recommendations for Family mid-haul holiday as alternative to your standard Spain etc?

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Rosvita Sat 18-May-13 14:09:43

Hi all,
Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on a family holiday mid-haul with 2 young children (currently 4 and 2)? I am getting a bit fed up of doing your bog-standard all inclusive holiday to Spain:Majorca/Ibiza etc-all very 'samey' and getting increasingly more expensive as the children get older.i have said to dh I'd rather go on holiday every other year meaning with extra time to save we could afford to go on a slightly better holiday(imo).struggling to think of where we'd like to go though -even when we went to Dominican Republic before the kids the resort was very similar to some of the European all inclusives.i'm not sure of turkey or Tunisia as worries about safety and they don't really make me feel that I 'have to go there' iyswim.i like the idea of Egypt but dh not keen due to all the hagglers he perceives being there.the thought of Dubai or Lapland (extremely different I know!) appeal to me.

Just from now on I have decided if we're going to spend out on a holiday I'd rather spend a bit extra and go less frequently to make it worth it.

jamtoast12 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:44:23

Rosvita sorry only seen message today!

We went with thomsons for four days. Paid £2300 for family of four inc activity day, gala meal and outer wear. Kids were 5&7 which were the perfect ages i think.

It was amazing! We went to saariselka. We booked in June 2012 for the dec and June was the cheapest time to book. There are no such thing as cheap deals to lapland.... The prices simply went up closer to the time before selling out completely. Rovaniemi had availability left but it also had no snow for the first week of dec so research on trip advisor!

Don't book Transun as reviews awful. Don't pay for a day trip as its 3 hour flight alone each way so you only get about 5 hours there!

Thomsons are the cheapest, we thought they were great. Esprit get great reviews too but are more expensive. The tasters are a couple of minutes longer with esprit (15 min versus 10min) but for an average 1k saving you may as well pay for longer better excursions in resort (we did a 3 hour husky day ever!)
Highly recommend it!

singaporefling Tue 11-Jun-13 22:38:03

Kalkan in south east turkey - divine. They're so friendly with the kids and our whole family...if my dad goes for a walk into the village, someone at some point will sit him down with a cold drink and have a chat (he's in his 80's)... Our kids love it, the beach clubs are good, my husband takes his grandkids 3 and 1 sailing for the whole day, the food is fresh and gorgeous, the beach/ park are lovely - perfect! And the shops are also fabulous!

dementedma Thu 13-Jun-13 20:59:33

Our kids are much older but we are off to Poland this year, which is something quite different for us

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