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Self-Catering UK for the novice!

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expatinscotland Mon 22-May-06 17:09:07

My folks have taken a self-catering lodge in Perthshire for a week in June. It's large, so we'll be having our first proper holiday in years!

It has a dishwasher, microwave, washing line (woohoo! Can hang DD2s nappies out to dry), cooker/etc., and washing machine.

Any tips? Things you forgot and wished you hadn't?

It says bedding is provided, but I'm weird about using another other than my own bedding, particularly w/the kids.

We have two daughters who will be 3 years and 6 months coming along.

expatinscotland Mon 22-May-06 17:09:33

Sorry, that's one 3-year-old and one 6-month-old baby.

LIZS Mon 22-May-06 17:11:28

teatowels !

LotosEater Mon 22-May-06 17:12:15

are ypu planning on cooking? if so take a few store-cupboad basics so you don't have to buy whole packets and bottles - e.g. salt, pepper, oil vinegar, herbs, spices

expatinscotland Mon 22-May-06 17:14:05

Yep! We've hired a big van - thankfully DH has one of those licenses that permits him to drive the next size up for a normal vehicle - so we've plenty of space for everything.

The one thing to look out for is that it's adjacent to an old water mill so we'll need to make sure we're looking out for DD1 at ALL times.

Might take an extra security lock along.

LotosEater Mon 22-May-06 17:14:06

dishwashers tablets (some provide some don't) washing up liquid

scourer, dishcloth (often only inadequate J cloth provided and I do hate buying that stuff on hol - it just seems sooo wrong)

LotosEater Mon 22-May-06 17:14:50

teabags and coffee if you drink it

LotosEater Mon 22-May-06 17:16:03

and dh always packs his favourite sharp knife for cooking

stitch Tue 30-May-06 18:34:59

i always do a big tesco shop to be delivered just after we are due to get there. means i dont have to carry anything.

LilacBump Tue 30-May-06 18:39:45

i always look up online where the nearest supermarkets and restaurants are. upmystreet is a good site to do that.

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