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Disneyland Paris - Birthday options

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Onamincepiebreak Thu 16-May-13 22:07:53

I'm taking my DS (6y) for a week away in Disneyland Pais, I've been before, but never over a birthday.
Anyone arranged anything for a birthday before?

DevaDiva Thu 16-May-13 22:45:36

Cafe Mickey has got to be a good start, fab character breakfasts. Maybe if you tell them it's a birthday beforehand they'll do something special?

BoysRule Fri 17-May-13 13:21:34

We're taking our 4 year old for his birthday at the end of August. I would also be interested in finding anything out about birthdays. I was thinking a cake (he really wants a Finn McMissile cake) with candles being brought out in the restaurant with everyone singing! Not sure if that is possible.

givemeaclue Fri 17-May-13 13:27:37

Yes they do the cake thing in the restaurants and if its a characters restaurant all the characters will gather round. Need to book the cake in advance and they are expensive

Onamincepiebreak Mon 20-May-13 19:31:58

BoysRule - that's the kind of thing I'm hoping for too, hopefully in the Cafe Mickey with the Characters. The thing is, we're getting there the evening before his Birthday, so not a lot of time to book that far in advance. Wondering if I could ring from home to arrange?

hannahkj19 Sun 02-Jun-13 20:41:29

hi i went to Disneyland in February for my DS's 1st birthday, here is what me did for his birthday:
- cake in cafe mickey at lunchtime. You can phone in advance to book it all, just ring the central dining reservations number. Absolute must to book Cafe Mickey in advance, when we were there they were turning anyone who just turned up away and that was a lunchtime, albeit a Saturday. You can phone central reservations up to 6 weeks in advance as far as i recall but definitely at least a month.
- the cake has a picture of the 'classic' characters ie mickey, minnie, donald etc and they'll put 'happy birthday' candles on it, the cake itself is a massive chocolate cake probably enough to feed about 10 people depending on size of slices. There isn't a choice on the cake so no Finn McMissile i'm afraid. It cost about £20.
- when the cake comes out your waiter will lead the way dancing and clapping to a birthday song and the available characters will come over so can leave DC's a little disappointed if their favourite doesn't happen to be out when their cake is brought out. Would imagine a quick word with the waiter would help them to try and bring it out with their favourite character if possible, they were all very helpful in Cafe Mickey.

- go to city hall, just on your left as you get to main street, on their birthday and they'll get a personalised birthday sticker to wear. Did seem to get DS some extra special treatment such as being called forward much earlier than others to have a picture with characters and just general fuss from CMs. (have to say though being so small he got a lot attention anyway so can't be sure it was the sticker)
- also it may not happen for you but we e-mailed guest services a couple of weeks before we went explaining it was his birthday and they put a little teddy and special birthday letter in the room for our arrival. As I say though this is obviously not guaranteed but it might be worth an email, you just never know!

If you've got anymore questions feel free to ask!

HTH xxx

Ah, fab hannahkj19 were off Friday! Eek!

Will give them an email on the of chance grin

He thinks we're not going, as we had a major problem with his passport, but it came this morning! grin so have left a letter from Mickey on his bed with his passport for when he gets in from school smile


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