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Low cost airline prices

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Stevie77 Wed 15-May-13 09:33:14

Does anyone know if EasyJet flight prices are lower on specific days?

I ask because Jet2, who also fly to the destination in question from our local airport, the flight prices on their website are lower on Tues/Weds. Been tracking EasyJet for a few days, and was expecting prices to be lower yesterday but in actual fact they have gone up from Monday.

I know prices are lower the earlier you book etc. just wondering if the cheaper prices on certain days mechanism takes affect at EasyJet.

mummymeister Wed 15-May-13 12:51:25

easyjet pricing is done through a complicated formula of how many people have already booked, how many are looking etc and prices really can go up and down and up again over a period of days. generally the earlier you book the cheaper it is but if something is severely underbooked then there will be good discounts a few days before. unless you are prepared to risk it and book v.v. last minute I would say get on with it and book the flight that is the most convenient and the cheapest before they sell out!!

Stevie77 Wed 15-May-13 13:19:42

Thanks mummymeister

I'm definitely not waiting till the last minute. I was going to monitor the prices over the next few days to see what the changes were, if at all. In light of the price going up over the last few days (slightly, but still) I might just go ahead book them.

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