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Bon Sejour en France

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legoqueen Sat 11-May-13 07:50:57

Has anyone used this company to book self catering accommodation on the Ile de Re in France? Properties look great but expensive & there are no reviews...would be interested in first hand experience of them?

frenchfancy Mon 13-May-13 19:53:19

Not used them myself, but the Il de Ré is VERY expensive. Looking at that site their prices vary a lot, but I did find one that was an eyewatering 17900€ per week [gulp]

My advice is to stay on the mainland and visit the island for a day trip. it is beautiful there, but very crowded in July/August and not a lot to do other than the beaches.

GoAndAskDaddy Thu 16-May-13 21:14:52

I have booked one with them this Summer (next week half-term in fact!). So I can't give you feedback other than they have so far been helpful & good to deal with. I haven't paid the full balance yet (which seems unusual!) but will do so next week with my credit card so any problems moneywise should be easier to solve (I think?).
PM me after hterm if you want!

legoqueen Sat 18-May-13 12:31:11

Thanks, both. We stayed there last year & do love the Ile de re but are definitely not looking at the lux end of the market there...last time booked through holiday lettings but we've left it so late there's not much left...thx GoAndAskDaddy I will do that, we are looking at Betty in Rivedoux...

3630plch Tue 14-Jan-14 21:40:48

I would not use the agency Bon Sejour en France - owner is extremely unpleasant with terrible customer service skills. Perhaps you should try AIRBNB - which is an international site and pricing is much better. Ile de Re is a beautiful island worth visiting if you have the opportunity.

Wallace56 Wed 15-Jan-14 00:05:19

Do not use the agency "Bon Sejour en France" they have a horrible reputation on the island
Overpriced and numerous complaints from clients who never get their security deposit back
Owner is belligerent and treat clients in the rudest fashion
Spare yourself a rotten stay and stay clear of them
Our experience with airbnb was good on Ile de Re but BSF ruined our summer as well as another couple' stay

legoqueen Sat 25-Jan-14 21:04:14

I have to say we did end up booking with them last summer & everything was fine, we were happy with the house & did get our deposit back. We will be going back to the ile de re agin this year as we had such a lovely time.

homebythesea Thu 30-Jan-14 12:58:56

I used them last summer and had a trouble free experience, deposit was given and returned in cash so no problem there, very helpful local rep on hand to sort a couple of minor issues.

bsef Wed 10-Dec-14 11:45:26

Hello everybody, the company BSEF rents each year about 1200 weeks and we can have unfortunately some unexpected problems with the holiday houses and with the behavior of the holiday makers.
We have 2 type of clients : the owner of the house and the holiday maker. Towards the holiday maker, the responsibility of BSEF is, when we shake his hand at the end of the stay, is to have a comment like this “Didier, I had a fantastic stay on the Ile de Re and in this perfect house. Everything worked and everything was exactly what I expected and what I saw on the advert”. But we have another big responsibility which consists in keeping the houses in a good state and having positive comments from the owners after the rental season “Didier, BSEF has rented a lot and the state of the house is good.”. If, one day, you buy a house on the Ile de Re and if you decide to rent it through BSEF, what will you think about BSEF if when you check your house, you find on of the mattresses covered of “pipi”, the robot of the swimming pool broken or the electric awning broken. You will certainly tell me, if you are nice “Didier, what is the purpose of the breakage deposit” and if you are not nice “Didier, I stop renting my house with BSEF which is not a serious company”. Didier Peletengeas - director of BSEF - +33 6 03 69 16 06

Ofmn891011 Thu 28-Jul-16 08:53:08

We have just returned from a holiday on Île de Ré, where we rented a property with Bon Sejour en France. The property was very nice, but expensive. While there, there was a problem with the boiler, and we had no hot water for three days. Th company eventually resolved it, and told us that we would be compensated, however they have ignored our emails to them since our return - we suspect that they hope we will go away if they don't respond. Poor customer service. (Also note that they charge €20 per person for bedding and towels for the week - we assumed that beds would be made, but no; for that price, you do it yourself!) So, in short, we would heartily recommend Île de Ré, but, at the moment, not this company. We will update this post, if we find that their response to us has simply been 'delayed'.

bsef Sat 20-Aug-16 20:57:01

We just saw your post and wanted to point out that you were compensated for the lack of hot water at the beginning of August. The refund process takes time because we have to contact the owners for their agreement. Perhaps we weren't as communicative as we should have been but it is the very high season and we work 7 days a week. For the bedding and towels, it is marked on the website, both the price and what it covers. We think this is an average price on the island. We didn't refund you in order for you to change your post but because we believe that the refund was justified in this case. We have managed around 10000 rental weeks since the company was created and we are sorry if there are a few weeks where problems occur and where customer service is lacking. Didier Peletengeas - director of BSEF - +33 6 03 69 16 06

Ofmn891011 Mon 22-Aug-16 21:15:14

I can confirm that we have indeed received compensation from Bon Sejour - thank you - so feeling much more positive re customer service. Still reminiscing about lovely holiday on Île de Ré.

Karoleann Thu 25-Aug-16 00:19:07

We went to Ile de Re this year and had a few properties in mind on their website initially. I contacted them about a year before we were due to go asking about availability for a week for the following July and was told that they tend to release in November. I then contacted them in the November, only to be told that they don't hire for just a week in July and August!

We eventually hired through another website called my home in ile de re.
The towels and bedding issue seems to be normal in that part of France. We paid almost £300 extra for bedding and end of stay cleaning on a £4,000 property.

Having said that, the island was lovely and we would return.

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