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best all inclusive resort / or general resort you've been to?

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smilesandsun Tue 07-May-13 10:50:55


Starting with a blank page for our summer holiday. Looking for a lux all inclusive, but happy to hear of other resorts as well. Most important things are a good pool, great food and hopefully kids clubs too (6 & 9). Don't mind the distance we have to travel.

Look forward to hearing your fav places. smile

givemeaclue Tue 07-May-13 16:03:52

We are off to Mauritius in a few weeks, lots of options there

DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Tue 07-May-13 16:06:04

Sensatori hotels are some of the best I've been to, Egypt is particularly good. You can only book them thru Thompsons.

princesssmartypantss Tue 07-May-13 16:12:49

have a look at neilson, good kids clubs and lots to do, might not be height of luxury but i found two of their resorts very pleasant!

FortyFacedFuckers Tue 07-May-13 16:20:35

We love the Bahia principe in Tenerife although it is pretty out of the way so if you like going out and about then I wouldn't recommend it.

givemeaclue Tue 07-May-13 16:20:46

We love Neilsons. As princess says its not luxury aaccommodations and its not all inc as you pay for drinks,but fantastic holidays we would have gone again this year but wanted to go a bit further afield

LulaPalooza Tue 07-May-13 16:26:30

I went on an all inc holiday to Mexico a few years back, to the Mayan peninsula. We stayed at the Sandos Caracol resort and although we were there as a couple (me and the ex... we broke up on holiday but that's another story!) at the time i remember thinking it was more of a family resort than a couples resort. They had tons of activities going on for kids, plus there are loads of fantastic organised trips to go on. It's stunning.

Lots and lots of mosquitoes though!

Fluffy1234 Tue 07-May-13 19:39:37

One of my faves was Almond Smugglers Cove in St Lucia. It isn't super luxury but still really good. We had a lovely suite which worked well with the children and there were different restaurants. Our favourite was breakfast at the Waterside Grill which was on sort of stilts above the ocean. My joint best holiday, not a resort but great for families was a Disney cruise around the med. Pure luxury all the way and lots of fun too.

smilesandsun Wed 08-May-13 11:46:20

hi Fluffy, the cruise sounds like an interesting option. Did you do the 7 night one? what was the kids club like?

Fluffy1234 Wed 08-May-13 12:37:32

Yes the 7 night one on Disney Magic. My DC were 11 and 12 and absolutely loved the kids/Tweens club it was open i think all day and evening. There was also a really nice art deco style cinema showing all the new releases and family friendly shows in the theatre. My DH and I loved the adult only pool with the plush loungers and staff handing out cooling cloths throughout the day. There was also lots of things to do as a family, the fireworks at sea were amazing. We all enjoyed room service breakfast sitting on our balcony. The midnight chocolate buffet was another highlight! We did lots of sightseeing but met other families who enjoyed pottering around each port and making the most of the ships facilities.
We stayed for 4 days at a beach hotel in Coma Ruga which is a lovely Spanish seaside place to get our beach 'fix' before travelling to Barcelona.

Rockinhippy Wed 08-May-13 13:00:53

Dahab in South Sinai area of Egypt, beautiful safe beaches for kids - lots of good hotels to choose from, we went a few years ago, so probably best to check trip advisor reviews as it can change.

Taba Heights - again South Sinai area of Egypt, but right up in the top corner of te Gulf of Aguaba(sp) - beaches good, but a bit rockier in the water, so not so good for very small DCs

both stunning views, easy access to fantastic diving & snorkelling, history to visit,

Dahab is part of the old hippy trail, so a lovely old town, lots of character, good safe places to eat & shop & no real hassell from vendors

Taba is more a purpose built resort, so hotels are great quality & you get to "dine around" basically meaning your AI allows you to eat at any of the hotels - again check trip advisor for reviews as they can change, but we stayed in the Mariott - which had fantastic pools & rooms etc, but we found the food & service poor, but this was due to new management - & they were more interested in big tippers & not AI customers - it had been much better under the last managers & there were a lot of complaints, so it could well have new better ones by now

ripsishere Thu 09-May-13 02:25:50

Either Cape Panwa resort in Phuket or Club Med on the same Island.
Not sure of the cost, we were able to take advantage of living in Thailand and scooping up last minute deals.

Hersetta Thu 09-May-13 11:15:20

Best all inclusive was Lily Beach Resort & Spa Island in the Maldives. A 70 bottle wine list to choose from, 7 different types of premium gin,plus hundreds of tother spirits, brilliant service from the waiters all over the island - they even have cool boxes along the beach which they fill with ice, beer, and soft drinks so you don't have to leave the beach to get a cold one! Hideously expensive though, but I don't regret spending a penny of it,

givemeaclue Thu 09-May-13 12:42:55

Ooo how much are we talking about for lily beach? I like the look of it.

stealthsquiggle Thu 09-May-13 12:45:25

Not quite as expensive as Lily Beach, but Kuramathi is gorgeous - as long as you go for highest level of AI.

smilesandsun Thu 09-May-13 15:36:09

thanks all. The Maldives sounds amazing, but i'm thinking now is not the best weather to go? Our winter is there good season?? I could be wrong.

Any ideas in Italy or Greece of great resorts?

stealthsquiggle Thu 09-May-13 15:49:29

Climate in Maldives I'd pretty much the same year round.

stealthsquiggle Thu 09-May-13 15:49:50

is, not I'd

givemeaclue Thu 09-May-13 18:09:20

Yes I think Maldives is same climate most of year

Hersetta Fri 10-May-13 14:59:34

We've been to Liliy twice for Xmas and 3 times in May. The temps are the same all year round (around 31 degrees with water temperature of 29 degrees) however it is a little more humid in our summer and there is increased chances of rain. I would never be put off going in the summer(you may loose an off half day to rain) but when we were there my 3 yr old DD played in the pool in the rain (much to the amusement of all the waiters. The prices are considerable cheaper from May to September to I would trade in saving a more than a couple of thousand pounds for a day or so of rain.

givemeaclue Fri 10-May-13 17:01:48

Hersetta do you have a rough idea of price at that time please

neverlookback Fri 10-May-13 17:13:21

God this makes me want to go on a really good holiday!!! I too recommend Bahia principe in Tenerife been twice and also kuradu in Maldives is a larger island with a bit more for kids

smilesandsun Sun 12-May-13 08:25:26

thanks for all the advice. Lily looks AMAZING and i'd love to be able to spend a christmas there, seems even more inviting when it will be so cold here smile

I really love Italy so any great hotel, resort suggestions would be most welcome.

Fluffy1234 Sun 12-May-13 14:32:03

I haven't been myself but heard good things about Forte Village Sardinia.
The Louis hotels in Corfu are also very good, not super luxury but make fab family holidays. What sort of budget do you have?

Hersetta Tue 14-May-13 08:40:46

The last time we went to Lily beach it was £800 for me and DH and 3.9 year old DD. At Christmas you would be looking at closer to 11-12k (we didn't pay that by the way) we paid around 4k as we went at Christmas before they updraded the island from a rustic 4 star to luxury 5 star plus. COuld never afford to go then now. We were actually at Lily the day the 1994 boxing day tsunami hit the Indian ocean and were evacuated 3 days later....certainly didn't put as off though as we returned the following Christmas.

The Maldives are amazing, the only problem is all holidays afterwards will be a dissapointment!

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