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Hotel rooms with a 2 year old and a 5 year old?

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GoodtoBetter Wed 01-May-13 19:39:58

We haven't been anywhere except a caravan or an apartment since having kids and were thinking about a city break, but can't work out how to get a hotel. DCs too little to be in their own room and everything seems to be an extra bed but, where to put 2nd child? Have seen a couple of "family rooms" which seems to be a double bed and then a set of bunk beds, but that's it. What do people do?

roundtower Wed 01-May-13 19:42:09

We are used to co-sleeping anyway so always get a room with two double beds - then each of us shares with one child. Haven't been abroad with the dcs though so don't know how easy it is to get rooms with 2 doubles elsewhere.

roundtower Wed 01-May-13 19:43:42

Does the 2 year old sleep in a bed at home or still in cot?

If used to a bed then putting the two children in one double and you and DP in the other could also work.

easilydistracted Wed 01-May-13 19:44:08

We have been to hotels a few times and have 2 kids (2yr DS and a large-sized 4year old DS) -- what we do is get a room with 2 double beds. older DS sleeps in one of the double, younger DS sleeps in a hotel-supplied travel cot. (these are usually available upon request at most places!)
Hope this helps! we've had a few other set-ups but that one seems to be the most practical. Until DS2 outgrows the cots, of course ;)

GoodtoBetter Wed 01-May-13 19:49:22

Aha! Knew I was missing some vital part of the puzzle there! Two doubles, you say? DD (2) sleeps in a cot, but will be going into a bed in the summer probably as she's getting a bit climby. So that would work until then. I think then there'll be an awkward stage where she'll be too big for a cot but they'll be too excitable/awkward/small etc to share a bed.

34DD Sat 04-May-13 18:16:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

queenofthepirates Sat 04-May-13 18:20:11

Two twin rooms and you and your partner pick a child to share with each? Not very romantic but means you can share an interconnecting room

exoticfruits Sat 04-May-13 18:29:40

If you can get an interconnecting room, we never managed it despite trying.

nextphase Sat 04-May-13 18:50:51

We've recently done this.
We booked 2 rooms - a twin and a double, and requested interconecting rooms at booking.
We got connecting rooms, the kids (22mths and 3ys), but both in beds, went in the twin room, and the interconnecting door had the lock locked when it was open, so the kids couldn't shut the door fully and lock us out. We could then have the evening in our room, with the lights and TV on if desired.
If we hadn't got connecting rooms, all 4 of us were going to be in on room while the kids went to sleep, and DH and I would sit in the gloom, with the TV on very quiet, and then take one kid to the other room, and have one parent and one adult in each room (I co-sleep with either kid if they are ill and waking lots, just to maximise sleep), but interconnecting rooms were brill - don't know whether success had anything to do with the fact DH spends A LOT of time in that chain, and hence has a "loyalty card" for them, as exotic hasn't been successful?

HappyAsEyeAm Sat 04-May-13 18:58:46

The only hotel break we have done since DC ( which was in the hotel at Drayton Manor theme park) had interconnecting rooms with double beds in each room. It was perfect for us. DC were 6 months and 4yo at the time.bReasonably priced too, with theme park tickets and breakfast included.

MrsFrederickWentworth Sat 04-May-13 19:12:28

It is incredibly cheap, but book a premier inn ( beds are good) or travel lodge, family room. travel lodge often don't do breakfast. I suspect ibis are somewhere between the two.

There is always a sofa bed with an extra mattress or trundle bed. Little one sleeps on mattress on floor, older one on sofa bed.

They are basic but clean, hot water, and if the little ones leave a trail of destruction it is not a problem. They are v v good as training hotels, iyswim. Not stunning but at least you don't have to do everything.

Portofino Sun 05-May-13 08:25:12

Depending on where you are going Citadines are worth a look, as you can book mini apartments, so can put the kids to bed without having to sit in darkness.

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