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How to decide on travel insurance? I need help

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edlyu Tue 30-Apr-13 23:50:27

We are going to America next month . I want to get travel insurance sorted so have been trawling the internet to see what is the best value.

The problem is that I have been given some tablets for high blood pressure and I have declared that and been charged accordingly.I have not yet actually accepted the policy though as I read the T&Cs and have panicked a bit.

The terms and conditions state;

We will not cover claims if you or any person insured on your
- has in the last 2 years suffered from or received medical
advice, treatment or medication for:
- any heart-related, blood circulatory or diabetic condition;

(This is unless you have told £$%^ company about your condition
and they have accepted it.)

Does the fact that I have declared the condition and have been charged mean the same as 'told' the company. I really dont want to risk it but if it means a telephone call I need to make time for that too.


mummymeister Wed 01-May-13 09:57:34

we use an insurance that insures you for pre-existing medical conditions through Columbus direct. if in doubt always speak to a person and have it confirmed in writing.

specialsubject Wed 01-May-13 10:42:09

phone them up. You should be fine but with all insurance, you must check. Calls get recorded so it would be evidence. You cannot take chances with travel insurance, especially with trips to ultra-expensive America.

and do it quick, you should have bought insurance at the time of booking. If (hope not) you had to cancel now, you would lose all your money.

girlywhirly Thu 02-May-13 13:33:27

If you have declared your condition and they have charged accordingly, you are covered for that condition and any treatment needed for it from the start date of the policy. Where insurance sometimes fails is when you don't keep the company up to date with medical information and investigations, e.g. if you are waiting for a procedure related to your circulation/blood pressure when you travel. If you don't do this, the insurance may not pay out for any emergency treatment required if they don't know about it.

Have you tried Direct Line travel insurance, they can give you a quotation over the phone, and do all the paperwork.

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