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Whats the best kid friendly holiday abroad you've had?

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madmarchhare Wed 17-May-06 16:54:50

and how old were the kids?

mummy23 Wed 17-May-06 19:25:20

I tool ds1 to torviecha[sp?] in mojorca, spain, when he was 9 months old and the hotel was lovely, the staff was great with children, and it wasn't to hot for him and when it was at its hottest in the day there was plenty of shaddy areas for him to play.

scienceteacher Wed 17-May-06 19:36:33

FDR Holidays in Jamaica.

We went two years in a row - kids ages 11, 9, 6, 4, 1 the second year.

It's a small resort where the older kids can run around and entertain themselves, making friends in the process. The hotel provides a nanny for the family, and they look after the younger kids and generally help you to get the most from your holiday. You basically can see your kids when you want to and hand them to the nanny when you want to, so unlike a resort with a children's club.

The food and drink is on an all-inclusive arrangement.

madmarchhare Wed 17-May-06 21:24:28

Thanks, any more for any more?

DS will be 3.5 when we go.

peaches27 Wed 17-May-06 23:36:15

Babies were 1 and 4 and we went to Carnac Plage in a huge volvo with Eurocamp, stayed in a tent, had a great time. We long to repeat it but we are getting too old for the drive. (This was 1987).

Now we have care of our grandkids aged 6m and 3 years we are thinking of a 20th anniversary tour!

mrsbang Wed 17-May-06 23:56:51

Keycamp in Normandy.

Boys were 7, 5 and 3; We had a great time and the boys thought it was fantastic.

eidsvold Thu 18-May-06 04:01:17

Singapore - dd1 was almost 2. fabulous hotel with pool close to great food/shops./park/transport. loved travelling on the bumboats, zoo, eating out.

madmarchhare Thu 18-May-06 15:29:36

Ooo peaches, I remember driving round Europe with my parents in the car when I was about 13 (so around 1986). It was great fun, but I dont think it would be that great with a bored 3.5 yr old in the back. Would love to do it again when he is older.

JoshandJamie Sat 20-May-06 17:48:11

Sunsail holidays. They are fab. They have kids clubs starting from 3 months of age with fully qualified nannies. Special meal times and food for kids - no junk, no salt, just proper kid friendly food. Baby listening services for the evenings. Night creches for evenings you want to go out off the resort. All inclusive with lots of activities if you're not a sailing fan and it's fabulous if you do like sailing.

Unlike other kids clubs you don't have to check them out at lunchtime, they feed them lunch. So you can take a yacht out (fully inclusive in price) and spend the whole day sailing around islands and come back in time to pick them up for supper.

They usually have kiddy pools depending on which resort you go to and the kids have a ball. I think the clubs go from 3months to 2 (and they keep the bigger kids away from the babies), then 2 to 4, 5 to 7, 7 to 11 and teens. I could have that a bit wrong but that's the basics. They all get given little matching t-shirts, caps, cups and bags and they spend all day marching about, singing songs, playing marco polo in the pool etc.

The adults get to have yummy meals and you meet loads of other parents who're all in the same boat. They also all have spas for relaxing treatments.

I cannot praise it enough. The only warning I would have is not to go to Club Perilli in Turkey if you have very little kids as there is a 3 hour transfer from the airport to the hotel and it's on bumpy roads. After a 4 hour flight - it just makes the trip too long. But they have lots of resorts with far shorter transfers.

Hope that helps

JoshandJamie Sat 20-May-06 17:49:19

I forgot to say that when we went our son was 16 months old and I was 28 weeks pregnant with number 2. We're planning on going again this year and our little one will be one and the big one 2 and a half

JoshandJamie Sat 20-May-06 17:50:50

Dammit - one more thing. I forgot to say that they have a parents room (usually next to the nursery) that has a blender, a steriliser, free milk, microwave and anything else you can think of for kids. They provide travel cots in the room and I think they even have buggies so you don't need to lug all the usual stuff along.

That's all. I promise.

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