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Majorca with a 1 year old. Starting to dread it!

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emz0909 Fri 26-Apr-13 11:05:36

I will be heading to Majorca with my DS who will have just turned 1... I'm starting to dread it!!

He's turning so wingy because he wants to walk, crawl be nosey and I don't no how I'm going to keep him occupied for 2hours?

We're travelling at 6am so got to be up at 4 and I'm worrying what sort of mood he will be on for the flight? I hope he would be sleepy but I just don't no sad as there's so much bright light and lots going on. Would we have to check the buggy on or do we get to take it on the plane?

Also I can't take ready made formula through as he is dairy intolerant so it's a special powder so anyone have an idea how I over come that... Could I get hot water on plane?

Were travelling with Thomson and I believe he has 10kg of his own luggage would this be hand luggage?
I'm trying to get organised as possible not to worried as were only going for a week.

Sorry for lots of questions any advice would be appreciated!!!

cathan Fri 26-Apr-13 12:09:33

I travelled with mine when they were around this age and the tricks I can think of are - take lots of little distractions, preferably some new toys as well as older favourites to break out when you're trapped in your seats (take-off and landing). As often as you can, walk up and down the aisles - the change of scene will entertain. Also, before you fly see if you can book one of the "extra legroom" places - the extra space is invaluable. You should be able to take your buggy with you to the door of the plane when it will put in the hold. Also, I'm pretty sure baby formula is exempt from the 100ml rule so you should be able to carry it in your baby's hand luggage - check with the airline. Other than these suggestions, I would advise you to try not to worry too much - you'll get through it and hopefully have a fun holiday.

magentastardust Fri 26-Apr-13 14:03:25

Formula should be fine to take you just may be asked to taste it. Little board books, mini scribbler doodle things, favourite toy for the journey -Mine always sat and played with the seatbelt for about an hour of the flights.
Spare clothes in bag incase of leaking nappy or sick and dummy/bottle/beaker for take of and landing to help with the ears.

Just try and relax and enjoy -If the worst comes to the worse just remember most people on the flight have been in the same boat and if they haven't well chances are you probably will never see them again anyway.

girlywhirly Fri 26-Apr-13 14:18:29

You can take a buggy to the plane on the outbound flight but it will go to baggage reclaim on arrival. Palma airport is very big and a long way to baggage reclaim but there are travelators. I would let DS walk around the airport departure lounge before the flight to wear him out a bit, and there will be more chance of him nodding off on the plane.

I don't think the baby's baggage allowance is hand luggage, it says in the Thomson brochure that no single bag must weigh more than 23kg, so combining your allowances into one large case is a possibility as individuals on the same booking may share their allowance. But consider whether you can lift it yourself. You will be entitled to a 5kg hand luggage, but this must be able to fit your handbag inside it. In your case, it will be full of baby things as well! If you are travelling alone with DS and he doesn't have a booked seat of his own, he will not have a hand luggage allowance.

There is no restriction on dry formula powder and the cabin crew will supply hot water to make up feeds. Restaurant staff in the airside terminal will also do this. Creams and lotions aren't permitted over 100ml, but there is no restriction on wet wipes, and if you need to treat nappy rash Bepanthen do some impregnated wipes which you can apply after you've cleaned the skin. Also Boots airside do baby stuff.

Also, never underestimate the amount of time you need to get to the airport, check in, get through security, and so on. It can take ages, even for an early flight. You need to allow half an hour from the flight being called to actual take off, as it takes that long to get everyone boarded.

lyndie Fri 26-Apr-13 14:22:29

We took DD at about the same age. Relax! You'll have a great time. Super advice up thread. I found in an unusual environment they are sometimes better behaved, people watching etc or quiet, or the buzz in the background will send them off to sleep. If you've been up early that would be no bad thing. DS slept most of the way on my lap on his first flight, it was quite relaxing! Good luck!

LovelyBigBertha Fri 26-Apr-13 19:31:57

2 hours will fly by! Try taking a small plastic bag of new objects for him to discOver one by one. You could just put household objects in eg plastic spoon, bunch of straws tied up with Sellotape, a ribbon, anything really. Ikea is good for those sorts of things.

jamtoast12 Sun 28-Apr-13 09:44:03

Oder your baby essentials to the boots at the airport so you can go through security and pick up ready made formula cartons etc there. I always did this. Also disposable bottles a great for travelling.

emz0909 Mon 29-Apr-13 19:29:22

He's dairy intolerant therefore his formulae is prescribed so won't be able to get ready made I believe. So goin to take powder and make fresh on board smile

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