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Staying in Paris this summer - is Disneyland worth it for a day trip out?

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choceyes Wed 24-Apr-13 10:37:05

We are staying in central Paris and wondering how easy/convinient it is to go to Disneyland Paris for a day out.
Will just be me and 4.5yr old DS I think.

Do you have to queue for ages in the summer? Will I regret it? Is it good for Cars mad DS?

Floralnomad Wed 24-Apr-13 15:43:43

It's very easy to do from central Paris on the train . Best to buy tickets before you go as the queue to do that alone can be vast. If your son likes Cars you need to do the Studios so get a ticket for both parks. Yes there will be queues but you can get fast passes for the big rides and the main park is open till about 11 PM so you do get your money's worth IYSWIM?

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