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holiday with a 5 month old. advice wanted

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McPrice Mon 22-Apr-13 20:10:36

hi. in june we are going ob holiday for the 1st time since having ds he will be 5 months. we are going with my parents and dh and ds. they have kindly booked a week selfcatering in saundersfoot.
the drive will be 4-5hours does anyone have any tips for the car ride/getting him to sleep in a strange place etc? its in june so fingers and toes crossed we'll have a bit of sunwink

givemeaclue Mon 22-Apr-13 20:30:08

Stop half way and get him out for a stretch for half an hour, he may sleep in car quite a bit so may be less sleepy at night. Ours were never bothered at that age rd strange place, if you think he will be take his bedding etc. Presume will be in your room. Have a good time

blondebubble Mon 22-Apr-13 20:37:41

I'm afraid to say all of mine slept terribly when away from home - so much so that it verged on spoiling the holiday.

Are you using a travel cot or do they have a proper wooden cot?

Made a huge difference to mine - wooden cots ok, travel cots a nightmare. So much so I bought a folding travel cot mattress - made a big difference.

If you have a travel cot you could do a dry run at home.

At 5 mths we went to Amsterdam - DS1 was in the reclined buggy by 5am - only way we could get him to sleep!!

Though I could just have been blessed with terrible sleepers!

McPrice Mon 22-Apr-13 21:22:16

thank you for the replies, will get him out half way there. good idea about the dry run. we have our own travel cot but theres also a wooden cot there too.

doublecakeplease Mon 22-Apr-13 21:30:44

We went to a log cabin when DS was 6 months. Had no problems at all - got him out for a stretch and some fresh air half way there. He slept for most of the journey but had some dinner and a trip out in the pram for an hour and he slept no bother in the travel cot. We even put him in his own room in the lodge - for the first time ever. At least if dc is unsettled there are a few of you to take turns with him. Hope you have a lovely time :-)

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