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Any one used "Florida for less" to book a holiday? Also.....

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nananaps Mon 22-Apr-13 18:30:48

We are flyng with American airlines with a 6 month old. They say they have "basinets", first come first served, how do you ensure that you are requesting one first?


mummymeister Mon 22-Apr-13 19:13:59

ring AA and ask them when you have to request it by - is it at check in, can you check in online. In which case it will be you sitting by the phone and hitting dial the minute they open checkin if not you will have to do it at the airport and get there at stupid o'clock to be first. we have had to do this with flights to ensure that we sit with our older kids (health condition so we have to but airline are always a pain about it) good luck. just have to hope there aren't too many of you wanting it on the flight or what else are you supposed to do with 6 month old.

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