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I'm off to lakitira tomorrow...

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Corrin Tue 16-May-06 11:00:01

and can not wait! First proper holiday in a couple of years.
Thanks to all of you who were helping with recommendations for hols...
If anyone else is going this week, let me know it would be great to meet a fellow MN'er!

ks Tue 16-May-06 11:04:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Corrin Tue 16-May-06 11:07:43

No never...never used childcare abroad or anything...but have been SAHM for the last year (kids 1 and 3) and am v ready for a break!

MissChief Tue 16-May-06 11:09:21

have a great time! went a while ago - great childcare, watersports and beaches...
just count all those buggies at the plane door and you'll know you're not alone

Corrin Tue 16-May-06 11:11:39

Thanks Misschief...fancy trying my hand at waterskiing have always wanted a go!
Just hope I don't love it too much...I'll have to get myself back to work so we can afford to go again!

ks Tue 16-May-06 11:12:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Corrin Tue 16-May-06 11:19:34

OOhh bliss KS!

Is a week going to be enough! I might not want to come back! Nottingham's OK but I could be tempted to a bit of Greek life!

ks Tue 16-May-06 11:20:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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