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High back booster- car hire companies???

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Mrspedro Mon 22-Apr-13 10:02:58

We are going on our first fly-drive holiday in June
We will rent car seats for our youngest two but our six yr oldis in a high back booster here and I'm wondering what to do..I'm not happy entirely with a booster cushion as don't feel the belt positions well despite her being tall and wondered if there was such thing as a clip to position it better? Iv looked at the tru mi boostapac as they are £29 on amazon and the Hbb is €38for the week and surely we would use it again for travel.....any opi ions of experiences here ?

(Dh of course thinks boosters would be grand for the 4/5/6 yo's!!!) we are fly Ryanair btw

noramum Mon 22-Apr-13 14:04:06

I never trust a car hire company anymore with a car seat.

We have a boostapak for DD who is nearly 6 now. We used it last year, just after her 5th birthday, the first time.

I like it but only for short drives. She doesn't sit that comfortable and we had a couple of times when she nodded off and fell totally forward. Can't be healthy or comfortable. We used it max for 1 1/2hr drives and here in the UK as a second seat when driving a friend of hers.

It is too big to be used as a bag pack for her, I normally carry it as hand luggage.

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