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Help me pack 'capsule' wardrodes...

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Teds77 Sat 20-Apr-13 00:36:32

Well not really capsule - I just want to pack properly rather than overpack which is what I always do!

Me, DH and our DTs (boy and girl who will be 13 months) are going on a week's holiday to the south of France in August. We're in a relatively rural location so whilst I don't want to pack loads of supplies I'd rather not be panicking looking for nappies in a small French town if I don't need to sort-of-thing.

Mode of transport is still to be decided but either way I don't want to cart lots of stuff I don't need.

So, what would you pack for my DTs? How much clothing will they need if there is a washing machine? Then if there is only one set of sheets for the cots should I pack an extra one? I presume they might be walking by then but how many pairs of shoes? Do you need rain macs in the south of France in August? What supplies like nappies/wipes etc? What do I need eating-wise - just a few spoons and their sippy cups? How many toys?

I just want to get my head around how easy it will be to pack for the plane or try to control our packing if we drive.

Any other advice gratefully received!

givemeaclue Sat 20-Apr-13 14:40:53

Hi, took my dts tn France at same age. I was glad I took swim nappies as couldn't got any in locations supermarkets. Lots of sun cream, mosquitoes repellent, sun suits, hats and spare hats in case lose them. I too tend vo overpack but we drove so it was fine.

Gave a great time

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