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Barcelona ...... with the Kids ..... ideas please

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Crystaltips Mon 15-May-06 16:33:12

We are booked onto a cruise in July - sailing out of Barcelona and have decided to spend the previous week in the city ( or the surrounding are )

DO you have any ideas as to what the kids might enjoy ..... would you advise staying in barcelona itself or goain outside ??

Thanks xx

fairyjay Mon 15-May-06 16:34:46

Interesting Crystaltips. We're booked on a cruise that is calling into Barcelona in July. I'll be watching this with interest!

Esmummy Mon 15-May-06 16:35:28

I'm off to Barcelona last week in June for long weekend so i'll keep an eye on this one too.

twocatsonthebed Mon 15-May-06 17:10:32

I haven't been for ages, but the centre of the city is v noisy (no one goes to bed until 3, there seems to be a holiday every day, which always involves firecrackers...) so I would advise staying at least out in the suburbs (eg the Eixample to the north) where there are plenty of nice hotels.

There is a small beach in the city itself (no, really!) or if not it's only a half-hour train ride up the coast to resorts like Sitges.

I can't help too much on the entertainments, as have only been there child-free, but would reckon that they would love the cable car from the port, and also the Pueblo Espanol (kitch recreation of trad Spanish village built in the 30s. I'm sure other people will be able to help more on this...

LIZS Mon 15-May-06 17:29:34

Isn't Port Aventura relatively nearby ?

moira43 Mon 15-May-06 20:27:58

There's a large aquarium and Imax cinema down at the port area. There are lots of entertainers walking down the Ramblas which kids should enjoy.
Open topped bus tour and can stop at the football stadium if kids like football.
Although I didn't have any young children with me I found it a fabulous vibrant city.

Crystaltips Mon 15-May-06 20:36:30

Thanks so far

Any ideas of worthwhile hotels please ?

Whizzz Mon 15-May-06 20:44:42

I second the aquarium - its really great & the cable car was good (although I'm not fond of heights!)
Pueblo Espanol was a bit disappointing though.
Monserrat is not that far away & is stunning - DS was happy as we had ice cream & went one of those sloping railway things (sorry - dim moment !) up the mountain

Rach69 Mon 15-May-06 20:51:19

I'm planning on taking my youngest (will be nearly 6 months) on a long weekend to Barcelona for my birthday in early July. I know it's a 'young' place but I'm hoping I won't regret it. I once took ds1 to Hong Kong when he was 9 months and the only thing I regret is that I had stopped bf - at least this time ds3 can be fully bf and not need any other food. Dp has been a couple of times but has no idea which things are child-friendly/buggy friendly! I'm planning on taking a sling but this will make me rather warm - can you get round the Ramblas or the cathedral with a buggy? I assume the Picasso museum will be ok - and cool! Is public bf socially acceptable? I have also seen good offers (try easyjet) on hotels just outside Barcelona but with pools/spas etc.

Whizzz Mon 15-May-06 20:56:18

Ramblas no probs - just a big busy street.
Gaudi cathedral - I doubt is very buggy friendly, we didn't go in as it was just too busy but OK for wandering round outside.
There is another more traditional cathedral which is stunning & easy to get round

supakids Mon 15-May-06 21:29:46

Sorry we werent keen. Struggled with underground and the only place we found was a beautiful park with a boating lake. Could probably explore more childless, wont be rushing back though, very over rated.

Skribble Mon 15-May-06 22:59:34

Actually the Gaudi cathedral Sagrada_Familia official site is mostly buggy friendly, apart from the towers but there is a lift but we didn't go up so not sure how much space is at the top.

Don't miss the Museum tucked away under the church. BTW it is still very much a building site it even has can/ sweet machines in the main part.

We used the open top buses definatly worth it but can be very busy, my tip when getting back on at the more popular areas is to walk back to the stop before otherwise it can be a long wait to get on and no chance of getting upstairs. They are very frequent and have 2 main routes and a smaller 3rd route.

The Gaudi Gardens (Parque Guell ), is very popular and very busy at the front, but it is a lovely place to wander in and gets quieter the further up you go, great views of the city too. Kids love it as the architecture is so striking and there is loads to find.

spacedonkey Mon 15-May-06 23:18:10

the parc della ciutadella (near the beach and old town) is absolutely gorgeous and houses the zoo

I'd recommend a trip to Camp Nou as well - it's pretty mind blowing even if you are not a football fan

Montjuic is lovely - there's a huge fountain which is (somewhat kitschly) lit up and "choreographed" to music.

soapbox Mon 15-May-06 23:22:30

We took the children last year and loved it - we stayed in an apartment in hte Born area - very trendy boutiquey, wine barish area! There are lots of restaurants/tapas bars outdoors in little squares which meant the children could run around and play a little while we were eating - with all the Spanish children too which was sweet

Things we did were:

The Bouqueria market - wonderful tapas bar and the children really enjoyed shopping for bits and pieces there.

The Maritime museum - fascinating!

Open topped bus tour- lovely way to see a fair bit of the city with hop off and hop on facility.

The aquarium as others have said.

La Balconetta - beachy area - with fabby restaurants right on the beach front- we ate at a lovely Morrocan restuarant which had loads and loads of curtained off beds to lounge on while eating!

Rialto park - the one with the boating pond mentioned above.

Las Ramblas - again mentioned above- the children loved the little pet shops all the way along here - although I was a little concerned for the poor animals!

Just before the walkway that goes across to the aquarium there is a little funfair - that was always the first place we went to in the evening so the children could work off a bit of energy before dinner.

I would say to stay as close as you can to the centre - that way everything is within walking distance in terms of restuarants and the main tourist attractions - means that the little ones get far less tired out!

We insisted on siestas for everyone between 2 and 5 each day which meant everyone was well rested before our long evenings!

Have fun - my children still rate it as one of their best hoidays ever

fairyjay Tue 16-May-06 10:15:41

How far is the port from the centre?

spacedonkey Tue 16-May-06 12:24:50

short walking distance

fairyjay Tue 16-May-06 13:44:52

Thanks Spacedonkey - so there's no need to worry about booking organised tours etc.

JemimaBobbins Tue 16-May-06 15:10:52

We're planning on doing a week with ds next year having done Barcelona a few times now without him.

We're looking at -a friend of a friend booked with them last year.

Bus Turístic is great for getting your bearings and for getting around - think you can get a pass for more than one day. One company does two routes.

Get a tram and a funicular up to Tibidabo where the view is great and there's an amusement park.

Get the Montjuïc Funicular and cable car up to a fort.

Parc Guell

Magic Fountains




Crystaltips Tue 16-May-06 18:08:57

oh hoorah! Have bookmarked all your suggestions THANKS

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