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New Orleans in May - what should I do?

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HollyGoHeavily Mon 15-Apr-13 11:21:10

I am going to New Orleans for a conference in May and will have one whole day and one extra evening to explore the city a bit. Has anybody got any tips for places to go? things to see? eating houses? jazz clubs?

joydivisionovengloves Tue 16-Apr-13 16:06:36

It's been a long time since I went to New Orleans and I was young and spent most of the time sampling the dazzling array of daiquiris and other cocktails on Bourbon Street. However I do remember that the trip up the Mississippi on the paddle steamer Natchez was pretty cool. Although if you are if an age similar to me it may result in you being unable to get the Huckleberry Finn theme tune out of your head. Also the cemeteries are amazing and definitely worth a tour.

Bunbaker Wed 17-Apr-13 07:15:40

We were in New Orleans one May and I remember it was very hot and humid. We explored the French quarter and did a Mississippi steamer trip. Bear in mind that parts of the city are really not very nice or safe to visit and if I recall correctly one of the areas to avoid was the cemetary, so I wouldn't go there alone.

We also got the feeling that people were trying to fleece us the whole time. It is a fascinating place though and keeps your wits about you.

Oh and you must drink a hurricane.

andadietcoke Wed 17-Apr-13 07:24:00

Yes to drinking a hurricane! Spend your evening on Bourbon Street. There's an outdoor jazz cafe which would be lovely in May - there's a bar there and food stalls. We ate at Saints and Sinners which was lovely but that was largely because my DH doesn't like seafood - there are lots of better places I think.

Beignets at the 24 hour Cafe des Amis in Jackson Square. Dessert? Not far to wander over there after dinner and walk along the Mississippi.

I did a quick cooking course in the French quarter. Think it was about two hours and more of a demonstration really but I I enjoyed it. May not be a priority if you've only got a day though. We also went to the cemetery and down to the lower ninth ward, but we had a car. Nicest meal we had was at Commander's Palace in the Garden District (they do a cheap(er) lunch menu with 25c martinis). Again, with time constraints might require a car again, although you can get the tram over there.

We also went to the NFL. Not sure what sport would be on in May. DH is a massive sports fan so we always have to do baseball, basketball or football when we go to the US!

Have an amazing trip. We went for NYE this year and I found out I was pregnant there - will always be a special trip.

andadietcoke Wed 17-Apr-13 07:26:11

Yes to what bunbaker said about the cemetery. Cross the road from the French quarter to get there and go back the same way rather than walking towards Canal Street. We ended up in a really unpleasant area. It is worth a trip though, especially if you're wandering round the FQ by foot.

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