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Driving to Andalusia, any tips please?

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WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 20:00:23

Next year DH & I are planning our first 'proper' holiday without DCs (teens, dont want to holiday with old farts like us).

Our current thinking is to hire a villa in Andalusia for a week and spend a few days driving there and back again making a two week holiday. Timing would be early or mid June.

We have done plenty of self-drive holidays in France and have also driven down to the Costa Blanca so this isnt totally out of left field.

Does anyone have any tips for driving in Spain? Any motorways to be wary of? Any places to avoid or places to see? We arent sure whether we would be better driving straight down through the centre of Spain via Madrid or would we be better off going down the coast?

All or any tips would be really gratefully received.

lastnightidreamt Sun 14-Apr-13 20:03:41

What about taking the ferry from Plymouth/Portsmouth to Santander?

Lovely, relaxing way to start the holiday.

Sorry - only one tip really!

montage Sun 14-Apr-13 20:13:36

Drive on the right


WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 20:17:18

We actually like the drive through France and I'm afraid both of us get bored on the cross-channel ferries so would probably want to get off the Plymouth /Santander ferry and push!

Thank you for the tip though, I will have a look at that option as I hadnt even considered it.

WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 20:17:58

Thanks montage, I wondered what we had been doing wrong for all these years!

WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 20:33:03

Well, I have priced up Portsmouth/Santander ferry - £888 with a cabin so we will stick with driving.

I guess what I am looking for are tips from anyone who has driven a lot is Spain. Over the years we have heard stories of people being mugged on the motorways. Is this really a problem?

We would be taking the family car, is that likely to be a problem if we leave it in a hotel car park overnight? We havent had problems in France.

lastnightidreamt Sun 14-Apr-13 20:37:29

We have driven through Spain a few times (after the expensive ferry!) and not had any problems at all. Quite the opposite in fact - incredibly quiet roads, good service stations, lots of lovely towns/hotels to stop.

The only thing is that you do go for MILES without seeing a petrol station, so make sure you always fill up when you get the opportunity.

We have stayed in hotels and had no trouble with the car at all.

WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 20:58:58

lastnightidreamtit thank you. Out of interest where have you driven to?

We have driven from near Santander to Costa Brava and totally get what you mean about the long distances without seeing anything or anyone, some parts were like driving over the moon.

lastnightidreamt Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:37

We have been from Santander down to Portugal, so probably the opposite side of Spain to you. However, would love to go from Santander to South of France.

Driving all the way is not really an option with 4 under 10s, but once we are footloose and fancy-free like you, we may well do!

WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 14-Apr-13 21:26:44

We did do long drives when the DCs were small. TBH once you get beyond a couple of hours it doesnt make so much difference whether the drive is 2 1/2 hours or 2 1/2 days. You have to pack changes of clothes, take snacks & drinks, find ways to entertain them!

Our experience was that the real problem was finding hotels with family rooms for 5.

bellindda Mon 15-Apr-13 08:33:02

We stayed in a very neat apartment right on the beach in Portil, close to Portugal so we know the area....
Can get you owners mail, they are very nice, speak english,give advice about things to do which is very helpful...area much cheaper than costa del sol and beaches less crowded...

inneedofrain Mon 15-Apr-13 08:41:54

Ok I don't have a lot if time at the mOment but I answer all your questions can you p m me and I will reply if nOt I will be back tonight

Oh and the best route does not go near madrid or Paris and you will see real Spain etc can even give you the locations of some of the best spainish restaurants on the road so you have somewhere nice to stop etc

LifeofPo Mon 15-Apr-13 09:47:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorrySighWorrySigh Mon 15-Apr-13 21:59:44

Thanks bellinda, at the moment we would prefer to be close to Granada as our intention is to take in the inland sights. I'm not a big fan of beaches so the plan is to stay in land

inneedofrain thank you, I will PM you.

LifeofPo - yes!

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