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hotel review!

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cutekids Sun 14-May-06 16:54:03

just thought i'd share this with you all. we've come home from having a brilliant time at the Marina Torrenova in Palma Nova. the Thomson's reps.never stop;entertainment is fantastic for the kids and the suites-not sure about the hotel rooms-are massive! only thing wrong with this hotel is that it's situated on a steep hill but once you get used to it it's well worth staying there. hotel staff brilliant;hotel clean;food gorgeous;entertainment for the kids brilliant;football pitch,swimming pools,kids clubs and play park absolutely second to none----and my hubbie's stayed in the best hotels in the world! one thing i would point out is that the booze is very expensive...but there's a supermarket about 3 minutes down the hill that sells cheap beer and wine---just sneak it under the table...!palma nova and magalluf on your doorstep...beautiful beaches.perfect!!!

cutekids Mon 15-May-06 09:30:19


fairyjay Mon 15-May-06 09:37:17

Have you posted a review on Tripadvisor - I find that a really useful website?

cutekids Tue 16-May-06 14:27:49

no,have posted on holidaysuncovered and the thomson website itself though. it's got such good reviews this hotel that i really want to promote it...don't know why...probably won't be able to book it if everyone goes will I?!

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