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Going to Crete with 14 week old - any tips?

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eagleray Wed 10-Apr-13 22:38:50

DD is currently 10 weeks old and next month we're going to Crete for 10 days. Have booked the flights (Ryanair) and am reasonably confident we'll manage ok but wondered if I had missed anything or if there was anything else I should consider?

We'll be staying in self-catering accom (haven't booked it yet, but is likely to be rustic/independent rather than resort as DP used to live on the island and will want to go back to old haunts) and will hire a car for the duration. I've just bought a secondhand lightweight pushchair to take and will also take a soft wrap sling.

I've just bought a Littlelife Arc 2 travel cot which I was hoping to take in case there isn't a cot where we're staying. Thought it would also be useful for the beach as it's got a sunshade on it as well. Only problem is that it's quite bulky so it will have to earn its keep!

DD is in disposable nappies but we use washable wipes - was worried I would have to switch to disposable wipes while we're away (she's reacted to them before when I've used them) but now think I may be able to get away with taking some washables and then washing them daily.

I'm hoping she will sleep for at least part of the flight (we land around midnight) - she's BF so that will keep her quiet if she does decide to cry.

If anyone can think of anything I might not have considered, or if any of the above seems daft then please let me know!

PrivatelyPeaceful Fri 12-Apr-13 20:36:34

We took dd2 to Lanzarote at a similar age and didn't even make it to the beach other than to walk, due to the keeping out of the sun issuesad Also, My dd wasn't happy to keep in one place so trying to be fairly static on the beach for any length of time was a no no. I would suggest a large open sided sun tent so you have a larger shady space to 'entertain her' in.

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