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Moulin Rouge alternative in Paris ... with 7yo DD

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Jezabelle Tue 09-Apr-13 13:31:03

I am taking my DD to Paris for her 7th birthday. Leaving DH and DD2 at home, so just "big girl time!" She has the Kids' Lonely Planet Guide to Paris and so far we have decided on a guide boat on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower at dusk. She has seen the info in her guidebook on the Moulin Rouge and the Cancan massively appeals to her!

The thing is, although she would be allowed, (over 5's pay for a child ticket), and probably love it, I wasn't sure if it would be entirely appropriate. I'm not so worried about the topless women, (we have just watched it on You Tube and this didn't bother us, the dancing was amazing and I didn't find it derogatory to women). But it starts at 9pm which seems very late to have her out and thought she may be the only child there. Plus the tickets are €€€.

Are there any alternatives to the Moulin Rouge which may be a bit more child friendly?

Jezabelle Tue 09-Apr-13 14:25:21

Help! She has dressed herself and her little sister up as can can dancers and they are about to invite me to "the show!" The girl needs some cabaret!

beanandspud Mon 15-Apr-13 21:49:47

I seem to think that the Lido used to do a lunchtime/afternoon show so it could be worth a try googling that. It's not cheap though.

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