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Where to celebrate ds' 3rd birthday in Paris?

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StickEmWithThePointyEnd Fri 29-Mar-13 16:08:31

We will be in Paris on ds's birthday this year and would like to go somewhere nice and child friendly for his birthday. It will just be me, dh and ds.

We are NOT taking him to Disneyland. Ds would hate it as he is terrified of statues and dressed up people/animals (poor child was traumatised in Blackgang Chine last year grin I have some ace pictures for when he's older!).

I know there's a nice big children's park in the Luxembourg but I'm sure someone will have some other ideas of where we could go?

Also looking for nice child friendly places to eat, that aren't too expensive please?

Thank you! And Happy Easter!

Portofino Fri 29-Mar-13 16:14:42

Cite des Enfants which is part of the cite des Sciences. Cineaqua aquarium. Parc des Buttes Chaumont - god views and caves and waterfalls. The playgrounds in Luxembourg are fab.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Sat 30-Mar-13 08:36:38

Thank you I'll check all of them out.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good restaurant?

PuffPants Sat 30-Mar-13 08:47:32

Jardin d'Acclamatation in the Bois de Boulogne. He's the perfect age for it, have a look online.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Sat 30-Mar-13 19:08:26

That looks amazing Puffpants, definitely on the list of places to go, thank you. Fingers crossed for good weather!

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