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murcia & carthenga

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hermykne Wed 10-May-06 08:49:10

hope i spelt the 2nd one correctly

just wondering if anyone knows of a large superstore type place where i can purchase a travel cot for my MILs house over there.

its between both those towns so i'd greatly appreciate any info
and also childrens toy shops - not expensive stuff- just practical stuff for garden , you know

cheesecake Wed 10-May-06 13:13:18

There is a really big Carforr in Torevieja (cant spell either ) But you will get it there promise .

hermykne Wed 10-May-06 21:53:27

thank yu soooooooooooo much
i really appreciate it
mil is there now so i am oging to aks ehr to pick up for me so 1st night is realitively sane!!!

Nemo1977 Wed 10-May-06 22:13:03

carafr or there is another one a bit closer but cant remember where ask one of the locals My nan lives in murcia and is the shopping

hermykne Wed 10-May-06 22:18:24

nemo i would love all her tips then pleassseee
for kids stuff esp

Nemo1977 Wed 10-May-06 22:19:15

when are you going hermykne.

cheesecake Thu 11-May-06 00:46:25

Hope you get what you want and have a nice time .

hermykne Fri 12-May-06 13:11:25

nemo - the 31st of may for 12 days.
trhougt i'd get away with ds (2 end july) in bed, but i dont thin so. so cot is a priority.

nemo if oyur nan has any tips for nice food shops - esp meat and chicken - i'd appreciate it or if there is a market day for veg in murcia? or any where else nearby that'd be great.

snowleopard Fri 12-May-06 13:14:29

Hermynke, why not order the baby stuff online and have it sent there?

hermykne Fri 12-May-06 13:29:58

an idea snowleopard, thanks

mumtotwo Sat 03-Jun-06 16:16:30

Mark Warner Ocean Resort in Portugal - we are hoping to book a holiday here but just wondered whether anyone has stayed there? Any comments welcome!

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