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Disneyland Paris Advice needed on how to meet a "Princess" please!!!

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peachcake Thu 21-Mar-13 14:36:23

We are off to Disneyland this weekend and my youngest daughter is a big fan of Disney princesses, have done some research and looks like the only way to meet them is to have a 3 course meal in one of the restaurants which looking at reviews on Trip Advisor food sounds dreadful! There are also 7 of us in the family so we will have to split for the day as could never afford 65e for adults and 35e for kids with that many of us!!

Just wondered if anyone has managed to meet one of the princesses in any other way for a autograph and photo, or do I have to pay this amount to be sure my little one gets her wish? I know it sounds tight but we have had to go all out to pay for this trip in the first place!

Any advice most welcome :-)

Bramshott Thu 21-Mar-13 14:41:04

You can meet them round the park, but you need to be prepared to queue! We decided it wasn't worth it and the DDs had their picture taken with Winnie the Pooh instead, for which it was still about an hour's queue (August).

Someone will probably be along with top tips for the best place/best time to try.

hf128219 Thu 21-Mar-13 22:04:59

There is a timetable everyday and there is a little room you can meet them in for free. The wait could be an hour or more though.

mummymeister Thu 21-Mar-13 22:24:13

Take lots of warm clothes and waterproofs as DLP is both chilly and wet at this time of year and be prepared to queue and queue and queue. Best tactic is to leave an adult in the queue with a mobile who then calls the group when near the front but it gets v boring and v v cold. good luck. (and dont get conned by your dc into buying one of those awful autograph books otherwise all you will do is queue to get the signatures. Lie, tell her shes too young, anything really just dont buy one)

hf128219 Fri 22-Mar-13 08:50:00

Oh my dd loved her autograph book! It's only a queue!

Makingchanges Fri 22-Mar-13 09:04:09

There is a princess pavilion in fantasyland which you queue for (but it's inside) and there are two princesses at the end where you can have a photo and autograph. However the queue can be long, you only get to see one princess and can't choose which one. We queued for 1.5 hours in feb. Occasionally these are princesses in the square in walt Disney studios but you can be queuing for a while and there is no system to it. That's just pot luck too as there is no information telling you when they are coming out. We found it was around 12 and 2 when we were there.

Makingchanges Fri 22-Mar-13 09:06:18

The autograph books are fab. Dd has two now from her two trips and loved to get photos and autographs. A few children were upset when they couldn't get the characters signature when we were there.

hermioneweasley Fri 22-Mar-13 09:08:13

When we went (October) there weren't a lot of characters walking the parks, there were very specific meet and greets. The onky princess one was the princess pavilion next to small world, with a 90minute queue! Or you can do lunch in the Auberge au Cendrillion - very pricey but maybe just one adult could do it with princess obsessed kids? No guarantee about which princesses will be at either the pavilion or the lunch

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