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Scotland-anyone been?

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notasheep Sun 07-May-06 21:02:44

Plan to get in the car drive there with tent and stop as and when to camp,caravan or b an b for 2 weeks all very independant and go as we please.

Could this end up being a nightmare?

dd6 ds1

Pruni Sun 07-May-06 21:10:50

Message withdrawn

notasheep Sun 07-May-06 21:14:33

Thaks for that Pruni,we are hoping to go first 2 weeks of Summer holidays,have looked on internet but havent a clue about which areas to stay.

At least i now have a reliable car,brand new

Pruni Sun 07-May-06 22:14:24

Message withdrawn

brimfull Sun 07-May-06 22:20:13

what's Wick like pruni?

schneebly Sun 07-May-06 22:21:28

you could do...
dumfries, ayrshire, kintyre, oban, loch lomond, perthshire, inverness, edinburgh and back down the east coast - that would be nice but a lot of driving! I live in kintyre so any questions you have I will try to answer - bring a cagoul and some avon sss oil spray for midgies!

notasheep Sun 07-May-06 22:22:50

would also like to include trip to Tobermory

schneebly Sun 07-May-06 22:27:34

you can go there from Oban and they have a youth hostel with family rooms!

notasheep Sun 07-May-06 22:32:03

Right i need to get a very detailed map of Scotland,I am getting so bloody excited as i have never been there-a disgrace really,sooooo may trips away when there is so much in the UK

schneebly Sun 07-May-06 22:45:45

you will love it I am sure! Good plan is to get a map and choose the places you really want go to - you could book those and then fill in the gaps as you please! There are usually lots of places to stay - I hope you have a great time.

Skribble Sun 07-May-06 23:07:38

Helloooo its a big place up here. You really have to think what are your priorities for places to go. Tobermory can be a nice trip but you would have to take in to consideration the cost of taking the car on the ferry .

Its not all sheep, hills and highland coos. We have cities, motorways and even electricity .

Skribble Sun 07-May-06 23:13:02

Hve a look at the Visit Scotland website for more info. they have an events guide, perhaps you could time your visit to stop off at a couple of festivals, fairs or Highland games.

When are you planning on coming?

maisiemog Sun 07-May-06 23:23:40

Notasheep I remember nearly going to a log cabin place near the harbour in Mull. I'm not sure if it has camping facilities, but the reason I liked the look was it was pretty cheap for a cabin, and there were loads of activities, like archery and kayaking etc...
There can't be many log cabin acitivity camps in Mull can there????
PS I live in Edinburgh and it's worth a visit on your way through the countryside. Fife is very nice and picturesque, go to the East Neuk for fish and chips and rock pools. St. Andrews for a bit of history in an easily walkable town.
I love central region and recommend Dunkeld, the hermitage and everything around that area. You can camp at Tummel Bridge and Kinloch Rannoch, it's gorgeous.

Skribble Sun 07-May-06 23:24:21

Heelloo again, on the Visit Scotland website I noticed they have Suggested itineraries which might give a idea of what is possible.

If yoou are camping you might want to consider thinking about Youth Hostels as a stanby for really bad weather. Even if it is just for one night to get stuff dried out. The Scottish Youth Hostel Association are more traditional than the hostels you see offering 20 bed mixed dorms. what about a night in the SYHA's Carbisdale Castle for a bit of atmosphere}. Under 5s can now stay if family rooms are availible.

maisiemog Sun 07-May-06 23:26:50

Also Loch Katrine and go on the ferry. Drive up Loch Tay, it's lovely in Summer. The Lake of Menteith definately has camping and is very cute with a little island you can visit. Lovely surrounding countryside as well, good for walks and cups of tea.
Loch Ness got to go there, Fort Augustus at one end, you can see the Crinan (I think that's right) canal. And Lots of castles.

Alipiggie Sun 07-May-06 23:27:05

Sutherland is a fantastic area - lots to see and do, Dornoch beach is beautiful - like the mediterranean, white sand and blue sea. East Neuk of Fife - St Andrews' area also great - bear in mind though that is the area where the swan with bird flu was found. Sadly as the area is so so beautiful and there's lots in that area for children to do. Islay is also great for a visit but maybe a limited entertainment for small children. Go along with the suggestion of the Visit Scotland website. Lived for five years in Scotland and holidayed there every year. You'll enjoy yourselves.

maisiemog Sun 07-May-06 23:39:59

Yes Dornoch is beautiful totally agree. Lovely beach and stunning scenery.
You are going to be quite busy aren't you NAS.

Skribble Mon 08-May-06 00:06:20

StAndrews will be fine unless you plan on snogging any wildfoul or chickens /

notasheep Mon 08-May-06 12:49:39

Crikey-2 weeks isnt going to be enough is it?

the only problem i can foresee at the minute is midges.

Really appreciate all this info from you lot!

KBear Mon 08-May-06 13:06:39

this is a lovely site - we go every year. Great shower/toilets (very important when camping!!) and perfect peace.


KBear Mon 08-May-06 13:08:08

sorry, that was the link to the old website....

try this \link{}

KBear Mon 08-May-06 13:08:48




seb1 Mon 08-May-06 14:52:57

Midgies hate Avon Skin So Softly Woodland Fresh HTH

meowmix Mon 08-May-06 15:00:11

if you want very wild highlands try the areas around Loch Torridon. Great walking and beachy bits but not much else. Fantastically isolated.

St Andrews is lovely and they reckon the bird was long dead before it hit our shores anyway (was washed up - prob died at sea). We loved Dunkeld and sort of liked Pitlochery, bit old ladyish. There are some great sites around Loch Lomond but it gets busy.

babylily Mon 08-May-06 15:30:33

Trossachs are lovely (if you can avoid arriving anywhere at the same time as the inevitable Lochs and Glens coaches!). We've cycled around Loch Katrine many a time(DH with DD in one of those trailers), there is hardly anyone there, you can hire bikes and it's just gorgeous.
Fife coast is great too for nice wee fishing villages.
Dornoch and Embo - definitely try and get there.
Cairngorms/ good camping.
You could do a good circuit in 2 weeks, as the distances aren't huge and the roads pretty quiet, but you need to plan well.
Don't underestimate the midges/ or the cold! There is a reason why it is so green and rugged and it is the 900 different varieties of rain we have!

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