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Just booked for Les Trois Forêts Centre Parcs in France - anyone been?

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LarkinSky Thu 07-Mar-13 08:12:01

I've just booked five days (Monday to Friday) at Les Trois Forêts for the end of March. It's our first Centre Parcs holiday and I'm suddenly feeling a bit doubtful. DH and I have DD1,4 and DD2, 4 months.
The place has been recommended to us by a couple of friends, it's only two years old and is about 5 hours drive for us (it's near Strasbourg).

It'll be the last week of my maternity leave before I go back ft to a demanding job, and DH and I just wanted to chill with the girls for a few days, with enough activities to keep our active 4-yr-old DD happy.

Can anyone share tips on Centre Parcs holidays for a rookie?

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