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Taking travel cots abroad

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Clairmunro Tue 02-May-06 23:40:05

Does anyone know if you can take travel cots on planes? We are flying with Monarch airlines? Also is this in addition to your luggage allowance or not? Any advise would be great as this is the first time on holiday with my 4 month old son. Many thanks

Chandra Tue 02-May-06 23:44:03

I think we have used DS's allowance to take it for free, but that was when were paying for a seat for him. Probably easier to ring the airline, it seems like the srt of thing that they may differ about. However, bear in mind that most hotels have travel cots so you may not even need to take yours with you. HTH

LIZS Wed 03-May-06 10:57:37

Monarch are a pain when it comes to "extras" - charged us £15 ski carriage on a ski charter flight ! However here it states that they should take a buggy or travel cot for an infant free of charge . hth

Clairmunro Wed 03-May-06 13:51:05

Many thanks for your help!

gs Tue 30-May-06 01:24:58

have you looked at the nomad travel bed or little life travel cot that fold up compactly and are light weight. you cld put in with ur main luggage. or for a four month old use a samsonite pop up. good luck .

MummyToToby Fri 02-Jun-06 16:24:39

any baby equipment like travel cot, buggy or car seat goes free. we are flying with monarch in july and have checked all this. we were also told that we can have a small bag of 6-8 kgs for the baby free of charge.

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