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Beach resort holiday for 16 month old

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dldl Thu 28-Feb-13 20:23:03

So this may sound like a silly post. DH and I are very active people on holiday...not beach resort people at all!! We chose to spend half our holiday doing active stuff tailored to our little one, and then moving to a beach resort, as we need some sunshine and little one is very active and would not enjoy being restrained in buggy or in a back carrier for long periods which would be inevitable on a totally active holiday.

I'm rambling...sorry!!

The bottom line is....what do I need to get....bucket and spade, swimwear....that much I've worked out. Anything obvious I've forgotten about?

What do I do about a swimming aid - we will be in the hotel pool and the hotel fake beach area, and will spend a bit of time at the real beach.

Advice/tips/ideas welcome! Thank you.

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