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Hotel Alphubel in Zermatt? Is it anything like the one in Saas Fee?

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ketchupkisses Wed 20-Feb-13 05:50:26

sorry, posted in wrong section. Please ignore or look in skiing.

ketchupkisses Wed 20-Feb-13 05:47:10

We are big fans of Hotel Alphubel in Saas Fee but also want a week in Zermatt. So, imagine my delight to see a hotel Alphubel in Zermatt. But is it the same? On one website it mentioned the famous Supersaxo family but on its own website another name was mentioned. And there is very little info on its own website so I can't even tell if they do family rooms. Does anyone have any info, or has anyone stayed at the Zermatt hotel?

Alternatively, other family Zermatt recommendations much appreciated. We are living in Switzerland for another year so want to go before returning to the UK.


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