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London City airport with kids

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JumpJockey Mon 18-Feb-13 14:44:13

We're flying out of London city airport this weekend, have just had a look at their website and it looks pretty titchy. Has anyone been here with kids before? Is it as small as it looks?! I was hoping for maybe a viewing window so they can watch planes taking off and landing to keep them busy as there doesn't look to be much space for activity... Also as it's small, do you need to leave half an hour to get to your gate or is there only one boarding area?


Littlemissexpecting Mon 18-Feb-13 14:55:29

It's been a couple of years so can't remember exactly, and these things change but I'm sure I remember having large windows to see planes.
We were there at morning rush hour and it was manic, loads of commuters so hope your flight isn't 6-9 am! There was plenty of seats though and the usual wh smith etc

specialsubject Mon 18-Feb-13 17:42:28

I know a knee-high frequent flyer from there - avoid the commuter hour and it is fine, you may have it almost to yourself at the weekend!

quick to get through security as well.

JumpJockey Mon 18-Feb-13 18:22:54

Thanks, we're flying Sunday lunchtime so hopefully it should be pretty quiet as far as commuters go!

noramum Mon 18-Feb-13 20:09:26

It is tiny, one reason while I love it. It is basically one big room, two expensive restaurants, a bar and a cafe Nero. We flew twice with DD and yes, there is an area where you can see a bit which is part of the general waiting area. But I am not sure how much is going on as the planes have a short turnaround there won't be a lot just standing there.

Stock a couple of magazines to keep them entertained. There is not even a lot of space to walk around. There is free wifi and a couple of PCs, I think £1 for 15 min Internet of you are desperate.

There is a small WH Smith where you can get some bottles of water and sweets.

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