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St Petersburg Hotels

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Wheredidmyyouthgo Sat 23-Feb-13 11:07:27

Radisson Royal on Nevsky is very good, marvellous breakfasts! That said, I was last there 2007 I think, but used to stay there a lot. Would recommend!

irregularegular Fri 15-Feb-13 11:24:30

Does anyone have any recommendations for St Petersburg hotels for DH and I for a short break in July? I've found good rates on a couple of 5* hotels (Astoria, Kempinksi) but they are still very expensive and though we could afford it I'm not entirely sure it's worth it. I'm normally more a smaller, cheaper, but with character sort of girl when it comes to hotels. Also considering in cheaper categories: Rossi Boutique, Tradition, Rachmaninov Art hotel, Angleterre, Pushka, Casa Leto, Helvetia (some cheaper than others!)

Anyone any experience of any of these? Or others?

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