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London - hotels with suites/interconnecting rooms

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Rosalind Sun 18-Jan-04 11:47:32

Cam anyone suggest a central London hotel which does suites/interconnecting rooms ( i.e so we get to sleep in one room and the children - 10 and 4 in another) We don't feel we can just book 2 adjacent rooms. Price not such an issue.We only want 2 or 3 nights and prefer not to go for an apartment. Thanks.

JanH Sun 18-Jan-04 11:52:16

Here's one, Rosalind (the only one on this site apparently)

JanH Sun 18-Jan-04 11:54:12

oops - the one time I forget to preview it's wrong!

SueW Sun 18-Jan-04 12:56:31

If you google using

interconnecting rooms london hotel

it brings up quite a few choices.

princesspeahead Sun 18-Jan-04 14:03:17

lots of them do, rosalind - all the major ones on park lane for example the 4 seasons (well you did say price wasn't an issue and it is lovely) and the intercontinental - and I lived in the savoy for a few weeks once (on business) and I'm pretty sure my room interconnected with another one but was locked IYKWIM. I'd choose the hotel you like and then ask them about it rather than the other way around as I don't think you'll have too much problem finding somewhere.

RichTom Thu 31-Oct-13 18:24:26

Most London hotels offer suites, especially 5 star luxury ones. The Claridge's London offers interconnecting rooms, will have to check their website.

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