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Week in the sun just me and kids - any advice please

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makemineapinot Sun 17-Feb-13 20:53:55

What about a camping holiday in a mobile home? They are sociable so u still have company in the evening when DCs are in bed - sitting outside with neighbours having a glass of wine in the evenings smile I an recommend here and Selectcamp are cheap. Or Spain, Italian Lakes, south of France so it's hot n sunny and u are near an airport and don't need to hire a car

Mags11 Wed 13-Feb-13 22:43:36

Hi all
Ive been a lone parent for 3 years now and done the long caravan weekends over summer hols. Id like to be brave this year and take the kids abroad for a week - they are 5 and 7. No idea where to start though - any idea of family friendly options? Im quite happy to take them alone but would rather be somewhere family orientated - not keen on being a total fish out of water!

If I did self catering/half board what sort of prices would I be looking at? (sorry - this is being particularly lazy)
Many thanks

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