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Kibbutz Volunteer for daughter?? yes or no??

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modernartdiva Wed 13-Feb-13 14:12:59

In the early 1980's I had an absolutley fantastic time as a Kibbutz volunteer. My daughter is in the lower sixth and finding it all rather...uninspiring so during a discussion with her about what to do after school maybe as as gap year I suggested her working on a kibbutz in Israel for a few months or so. After all I had had such a great time, met fantastic people (that I m still in contact with) and used it as a base to backpack in Greece and Egypt....etc...etc.....However as with most things when it comes to making decisions about your own kids all of a sudden the doubts start flying in. Is Kibbutz life still the same? is it more dangerous in Israel than when i was there? what if a bomb goes off in Tel Aviv and........ well you can see where i'm at with this. so......questions are:
-Does anybody have more recent experience than me of Kibbutz volunteering?
-Has anyones teenager/youngperson been? how was it for you?
I have to say that when I was there quite a few incidents happened that were on the news back home which caused my mum great worry, and in the pre-mobile phone era too! We were either completely oblivious to them or just carried on regardless like the locals.....

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