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French hotel chains for overnighting on the way to Languedoc

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katherine2008 Mon 18-Feb-13 19:55:48

Hillbilly that's a good question - I'm desperate not to pay for two rooms (skint and all!)

hillbilly Mon 18-Feb-13 13:27:19

thewalrus - do you have the interconnecting room option when you book online? Do you then pay for 2 rooms?

katherine2008 Wed 13-Feb-13 16:43:59

wine - good idea! have you stayed at any particular campaniles?

thewalrus Wed 13-Feb-13 15:29:43

Will you all get in one room? We like campanile's because they have connecting bedrooms so we can put the kids in the room next to us and leave the connecting door a bit open (but watch tv and drink some wine when they've gone to sleep avoiding the having-to-be-deathly-quiet-with-small-kids-in-hotel problem).

juneau Wed 13-Feb-13 14:59:42

Novotel - we stayed in one last summer with our two and it was lovely. Big, modern, clean room, cot provided by hotel, tea and coffee and in room, proper bathroom with bath, etc. I would always choose a Novotel in future. We stayed in a Hotel B&B in the other direction and it was horrible - the room was tiny and it smelled of stale smoke.

katherine2008 Wed 13-Feb-13 14:54:52

ooh keep the suggestions coming!

Portofino Wed 13-Feb-13 14:54:29

I always use Novotels - they should provide a cot. Normally there is a pool and playground/play room. Nice kids menu/kids get free breakfast etc. Locked parking etc. Have stayed in a few - Dijon, Macon, Rouen, Lyon etc.

Depending on the route you are travellingm and not a chain, but we stayed here the year before last overnight. It is 10 mins off the motorway at Macon and it was LOVELY! Free wine tasting included. Food was very nice and they did a separate children's meal.

shrimponastick Wed 13-Feb-13 14:50:12

Fanjeux - for real ? smile

heston summer 2011 we stopped off in Blois for one afternoon/night. We stayed at Hotel de France et de Guise. Very traditional, in the town centre - right by the castle. (parking in the town, multi story - v cheap though).

katherine2008 Wed 13-Feb-13 14:48:43

I'll look at Ibis - I stayed at a Novotel about 20 years ago when we travelled with my parents. I think we used to break the back of the journey and get to Lyons, but we are not far from Dover (about an hour or so) so we don't have far on the first stretch. Will also look at ruthies's suggestion - I think we want to eat and rest our heads but any extras gratefully received! I think some of them do a free breakfast which counts highly in my book (very fat one year old with large appetite!). Heston all the best people are called K/Catherine/ryn! But no-one can ever spell it!

shrimponastick Wed 13-Feb-13 14:46:51

Since then I have also used independent hotels - but not all would be suitable for small DC - stairs etc. Ours are teens so it's a bit easier.

HestonsFatCock Wed 13-Feb-13 14:40:48

Thanks for starting this OP. It seems v conicidental: we are driving down to Languedoc too this summer and my first name is same as yours different spelling.

We were originally going to stay at a place in "Fanjeux" which made me snigger somewhat. Anyway, I shall watch with interest. Our 2 DSs are 4 and 9, so no travel cots needed.

shrimponastick Wed 13-Feb-13 14:38:56

I have done this drive down to Llanguedoc region.

However we took it really steady and stopped over two nights (as we left home v early in the morning, and had plenty of time to get there). Rouen and Limoges.

Both times we stayed in Etap hotels. I believe they are found under Ibis now when searching. They were great for us -as a family of 5. secure car parking etc. Quite cheap. Basic breakfast, but filled up the DSs.

I don't know about travel cots - I think each hotel will have differing facilities - so will be listed on the websites.

A friend recommends the Formule 1 places, but they have shared bathrooms. ? Not worth the small price saving imo.

fedupwithdeployment Wed 13-Feb-13 14:36:37

A lot depends on your budget. If you want cheap, I would suggest a Formule 1, but I doubt that you'd get a cot. Ruthie's suggestion sounds fab - start the holiday early!

Ruthiebabes Wed 13-Feb-13 14:31:50

I can recommend an independent B&B...

Its just outside Le Mans, and provides meals in the evening as well as breakfast. We loved it there, also a lake to wander round and a splash pool if you fancy a dip!!

katherine2008 Wed 13-Feb-13 14:10:15

have posted this in short haul, so sorry for any confusion if you've seen it twice, but am looking for recommendations on a chain to stop at on the way down to the Languedoc - have one four year old and one who'd need a travel cot (which I'd need to be supplied). Any advice on chain and/or location gratefully appreciated! thanks.

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