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Tips for all inclusive in Majorca?

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getyourshoesonNOW Mon 11-Feb-13 17:05:52

Myalis, I read some very good reviews of the H10 but also some bad ones too which put me off (I really should stop focussing on the "terrible" section of Trip Advisior....

I have been put off by the same things as you but think it will be the best in terms of not worrying about the cost!

myalias Mon 11-Feb-13 14:21:51

Watching with interest I have been looking at the Intertur Hawaiii too - looks really nice. I went to a wonderful H10 all inclusive hotel in Lanzarote years ago, it was in the winter so I am expecting a different experience in the height of summer. One thing that puts me off all inclusive is sunbed duty at the crack of dawn, flimsy walls, queuing at the buffet bar and music/entertainment by the pool.

getyourshoesonNOW Mon 11-Feb-13 11:48:25

Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Majorca for August? I've been looking at Thomas Cook and like the look of the Prinsotel Alba but a review said the food wasn't great for kids and I have an ultra fussy 6 year old. Also looking at Globalis America and Interthur Hawaii - anyone been there?

Any comments would be gratefully received - they all look good on Trip Advisor. Or if you can suggest any other All Inclusives there or elsewhere in Spain/ Portugal that would be great. Thanks

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